Tuesday, March 22, 2016

White Box Cyberpunk Pt 3, Skills - Er, Ideas Anyway

After considering some of JB's thoughts on talents for the face and infiltrator classes, I thought perhaps I'd rethink my skill system, starting with a Lamentations-inspired task system. Here are the basic cyberpunk skills. Every character has a 1 in 6 base chance of doing one of these:

Bypass- The ability to open electronic doors and disable security or other devices. The character needs some kind of device or tools.

Climb- The ability to ascend a sheer surface without climbing gear.

Decrypt- Steal and decrypt data. Must have a device on hand.

Perception- Hear faint noises, anticipate ambushes, find very minute details, etc.

Skulk- Moving silently, hiding in shadows

Sneak Attack- Bonus to hit, double damage

These abilities all function as described in my class post, but now every character has them at 1-in-6.

Optional Rule: Characters with a Dex of 13 or higher add +1 to their scores in climb, skulk, and sneak attack. Characters with an Int of 13 or higher add +1 to bypass, decrypt, and perception.)

Enforcers begin with 1 point to improve one of these skills. They gain additional skill points at levels 3, 6, and 9.

Faces begin with 4 points to improve skills, gaining two points every level.

Infiltrators begin with 3 points and gain 1 point per level.

Hmm. No. This is not what I want. I'll have to think it over. Leaving this post up as a sort of "note to self."


  1. Personally, I'd like an OD&D Cyberpunk game without a set skill system so I could have Every PC e.g. bypass a lock on a Dex or Int check. - How about whipping up a List of special equipment similiar to magical items and give the different classes Slots to buy the ability to use these items? - For instance, a technichan can buy use of MedStick, which allows him to heal 1D6+1 hit points per person per day, a stalker can buy use of the ElfinCloak (tm) stealth suit and so on.(BTw: Hi! I followed the link from JB's blog. :-))

  2. Well, under this system, everyone would have a 1-in-6 chance at doing any of these tasks... certain characters can get better by way of their character class.

  3. Are you using the base WB stat bonuses? (15+ is +1 I think) If so, rather than using your optional +1 bonuses above, I'd tie each skill to a specific attribute, so you always add the bonus to your base chance if you have one.