Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Whitebox Cyberpunk Classes, V.3

Here's another look at the three core classes, this one incorporating the basic skill system I put in place in my previous post. Although derived from Lamentations of the Flame Princess and its "common activities" system, this is less harsh in that all classes can improve their skills after 1st level. The infiltrator has far, far more skill points than the other classes. In fact, the class so closely resembles the specialist of LotFP, I have named it the operative, a slightly more appropriate name, I think.

Some call them street samurai, some call them solos, but enforcers are the professional muscle of the underworld, specializing in violence.

Level    XP         Hit Dice    BHB   ST   Contacts  Skills
1             0          1+1          +0        16           1             1
2           2,000      2            +1          15         +1           +0
3           4,000      3            +2          14         +1           +1
4           8,000      4            +2          13         +1           +0
5          16,000     5            +3          12         +1           +1
6          32,000     6            +4          11         +1           +0
7          64,000     7            +4          10         +1           +1
8        128,000     8            +5            9         +1           +0
9        256,000     9            +6            8         +1          +1
10      512,000     10           +6            7        +1          +0

Enforcer Class Abilities

Weapon/Armor Restrictions: Enforcers are able to use any weapons or armor. They are the only class trained in the use of heavy weapons and armor.

Combat Machine: Against enemies of one Hit Die or fewer, Enforcers get one attack per level each combat round.

Saving Throw: Enforcers receive +2 to saving throws vs. death

Specialization: Enforcers receive a +1 to hit with either ranged weapons or melee weapons. This bonus is chosen at character creation and cannot be changed.

XP Bonus: Enforcers receive XP bonus for either a high strength score or a high dexterity score. This is chosen at character creation and cannot be changed.

Faces are social chameleons, able to navigate the various factions of the underworld. Well-connected and suave, they gain information the old-fashioned way. Faces follow the old adage that the easiest way to break into a place is to look like you belong there.

Level    XP       HD  BHB   ST   Contacts  Talents/Skills
1            0            1     +0       14        3         2/2
2          1250        1+1 +0       13      +1       +1/+1
3          2500        2     +0       12      +2       +2/+1
4         5000         2+1  +1      11      +1       +1/+0
5        10000        3       +1      10     +2       +1/+1
6        20000        3+1  +2         9      +1      +2+1
7        40000        4      +2         8      +2      +1/+0
8        80000        4+1  +3         7      +1      +1/+1
9      160000        5      +3         6      +2      +2/+1
10    320000        5+1  +4         5      +1      +1/+0

Face Class Abilities

Weapons/Armor: Faces prefer light weapons, but can use medium ones as well. They likewise prefer light armor but can wear medium. They don't use heavy arms or armor.

Saving Throws: Faces gain +2 to any saving throw against an effect that would confuse, deceive, or charm them.

XP Bonus: Faces get an experience bonus for having a high charisma score.

Talents: Faces are skilled in carousing and deception. At first level, they can use the following talents. The base chance of success for each is 1 in 6, though they gain 3 points to spend on raising talents. Faces also gain accumulative extra points each level to raise whichever talents they choose. A talent with a 6-in-6 chance can only fail if two consecutive 6's are rolled.

  -A Thousand Faces: A face can also use this ability to disguise themselves, though posing as a             specific individual usually won't work if scrutinized by someone who knows the impersonated             individual.

 -Face in the Crowd: Faces are at home in any social situation, from corporate board meetings to wretched hives of scum and villainy. Using this ability, a face can blend in perfectly, looking like they belong in any social situation. This ability fails if the face gets into combat or attracts undue attention to themselves.

 -Fast-Talk: Faces are masters of talking their way out of situations. On a successful roll, the face          is able to shift an NPCs reaction one way or the other: hostile NPCs can become neutral, neutral         can be friendly, etc. This cannot be done in combat. The player should make an attempt to role-play the fast-talk. The GM may award a bonus to a particularly clever ploy.

Strange Luck: Faces get by on wits, luck, and treachery. They may re-roll one attack roll or saving throw per game session.

The operative is the team's specialist. Part hacker, part burglar, possibly field medic or engineer, the operative brings specialized technical knowledge to the team.

Level    XP         Hit Dice    BHB   ST    Contacts Skills
1             0          1                  +0        15            2        4
2           1,500      2                 +0        14         +1        +2
3           3,000      2+1             +1        13         +1       +2
4           6,000      3                 +1        12         +1       +2
5          12,000     4                 +2        11         +2       +2
6          24,000     4+1             +2         10        +1      +2
7          48,000     5                 +3          9         +1      +2
8          96,000     6                 +3          8         +1      +2
9        192,000     6+1             +4          7         +1      +2
10      384,000     7                 +4          6         +2      +2

Operative Class Abilities

Weapon/Armor Restrictions: Operatives prefer light, easily concealable weapons, though they may use any light or medium weapon. Operatives may wear light or medium armor, but the latter imposes a penalty on many of the skills that are part and parcel to the operator's trade.

Saving Throw: Operatives receive +2 to any saving throw meant to avoid a trap or security countermeasure.

XP Bonus: Operatives receive XP bonus for a high intelligence score.

Expertise- Once per game session, the operative may re-roll a failed skill roll.

Mastery- Unlike the other classes, the operative may have a skill rated at 6-in-6. If this is the case, a skill roll fails only if the operator rolls a 6 and then immediately rolls a 6 again. If the second roll is 1-5, the operative succeeds regardless.


  1. Let me start out by saying I love what you're doing here! But, personally I don't understand why faces get so many skills. None of your "common activities" really cover any areas of expertise for the face. Their talents cover their unique skill set. I would give the face the same number of skills as the enforcer and add some sort of "charm person/silver tongue" talent; maybe more. That would kind of set the 3 classes apart: Enforcers fight, Faces use talents and Operatives, of course, excel at skills.

    Also, at the risk of being too bulky for White Box maybe... And especially if you're worried about enforcers being boring. Maybe you should think about taking the plunge and adding a little bit more. It would be fairly easy to add "fighting styles" or "specialties" to the enforcer's repertoire that fit the cyberpunk genre. Maybe use the same skill chart for fighters, but they can choose between skills or "specialties". Of course you'd see most of the traditional fighting styles, but you could add demolitions expert, heavy weapons expert, and the like to the enforcers list of specialties.

    1. Thanks for the feedback, homie. My previous model had a class called the infiltrator who had special, class-specific abilities like the face, but JB asked why all classes couldn't do these things. It's a few posts back if you want to look at it. I'm still not entirely sure I'm going to abandon it.

      As for beefing up the enforcer, I think the soldier class from X-Plorers is worth a look...that game is pretty rules light, maybe not White Box, but it adds a little oomph to the soldier. As it stands now, the specialization ability gives the enforcer a bit of an edge in either melee or ranged combat. You might also note that the enforcer has far, far better hit points than the other classes. Take a look at the infiltrator in v. 2 and tell me what you think. The infiltrator class also assumes that there is no common activities/skill system.

      Also, unrelated... we need to get your prelude done for Royal Society Files.

    2. Oh, also... the face's fast-talk ability shifts reactions of NPCs. It isn't quite charm person, but its close enough without being supernatural.