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Neuromancer Combat Programs

Level 1 Combat Programs

Duration: Permanent

This program translates any text written in an unfamiliar language, be it human language or coding language. The translation can be saved to the neuromancer's device. At the GM's discretion, heavily ciphered messages might merit a saving throw to decipher with 100% accuracy.

Blender/Duct Tape
Duration: Instantaneous

1. As Blender, this program takes a packet of data and destroys it utterly, such that it cannot be restored from backup or recovered in any way.
2. As Duct Tape, this program can fix data that has been destroyed by Blender, but if Blender was used by a higher level neuromancer or a program with more HD, the repairing neuromancer must make a saving throw to successfully repair the data.

Duration: 20 min

This program shows all nearby running combat programs. It will reveal any individual affected by a program, locate combat program code, etc. It will also detect ICE programs. Unlike most programs, bloodhound can only be used out to the "near" range category.

Duration: Instantaneous

This program will decrypt and copy a combat program, either from a data packet or a captured device. Decrpyted combat programs can be added to the neuromancer's repertoire.

Friendly Flag
Duration: Indefinite

This program can target a drone, camera, weapon, robot, or even a full cyborg. If the victim fails a saving throw, it has to regard the neuromancer as a friendly, or at least a non-hostile. This condition is broken if the neuromancer or an obvious ally of the neuromancer attacks the target with more than twice his level in HD.

Duration: Instantaneous

This program inflicts 1d6+1 damage to any mechanical target or any target with cyberware. The target may make a saving throw to receive half damage.

Duration: 1 hr + 10 min/level

The neuromancer can turn on all the lights in an area or cause the lights to shut off. They remain locked in the on/off position unless the program is countered.
This program suffers from double penalties for range greater than immediate. 

Duration: 2d6 turns

The neuromancer can lock a door, gate, or similar portal. The portal cannot be opened unless the program is neutralized, the duration expires, or the portal is destroyed.

Range: Line of sight
Duration: Special

This program forces drones and robots to shut down. It can also target cyborgs, shutting down limbs and headware. Mechanical foes are essentially dormant and helpless; the effect on cyborgs is at the GM's discretion. It generally takes 1 full round for someone to restart a shutdown drone or similar object, and 1 full round for a cyborg to reboot any shutdown implants.

Target's HD   Number Affect
1 or less              2d6+3
1+ to 2                2d6
3+ to 4+1            1d6
5+                       No effect

Level 2 Combat Programs

 Duration: Instantaneous

1. As Doorbell, this program hacks and unlocks a single portal, even one that has been held shut with Lockout, Lockdown, or similar programs.
2. As Lockdown, this program seals a single portal and causes a glitch in the operating software, rendering it permanently sealed unless defeated by the appropriate program or physically destroyed. Ordinary attempts to bypass will fail. A neuromancer three levels higher than the one who used the program can open the door. Doorbell will only alleviate this program until the portal is closed again, at which point the glitch will resume.

Eagle Eye/Lazy Eye
Duration: 1 hour
1. As Eagle Eye, this confers a bonus of +1 to firearm attack rolls upon the neuromancer or one person he specifies.
2. As Lazy Eye, this inflicts a bonus of -1 to all firearm attack rolls upon one specified target.

Duration: Until countered or attack is made

This program can be used on the neuromancer or one specified target. That target becomes invisible to all electronic forms of perception: drones, cameras, anyone with cybereyes, any networked weapons, etc. The faded individual simply cannot be targeted or perceived. Making an attack, using a program, or any other aggressive action will ruin the effect.

Duration: 1 hour + 1 turn/level

This program locks up hardware, freezing in place any mechanical opponent. Cyborgs who are targeted lose the use of any cyberlimbs, partially or totally paralyzing them. The program can affect 1d4 individuals of up to human size, or a single target who must save at -2. A successful saving throw means the target is unaffected entirely.

Duration: Until negated or countered

The neuromancer can create a false image to any electronic perception. (Cyber-eyes, cameras, etc) The ghost image is revealed to be false when touched, attacked, etc. The Bloodhound program will reveal the image to be program-generated.

 Duration: 2 turns

This program allows the neuromancer to detect any electronic or mechanical traps/security measures in the immediate range.

Paint Bucket 
Duration: 1 hour

This program allows the neuromancer to perceive individuals, programs, ICE, and anything else concealed by a Fade program or something similar.

Turtle Test
Duration: 2 hours

This program can only be used in the immediate or near ranges. It allows the neuromancer to determine if any being encountered is sentient, an AI, a program, etc.  

Level 3 Combat Programs

Cascade Surge
Duration: Instantaneous

The neuromancer can trigger a chain reaction of power surges out to 60 feet in a straight line. Every networked device, mechanical target, or target with cyberware/networked devices suffers 1d6 damage per level of the neuromancer, though a saving throw halves the damage. If a surge protected object is in the path, the cascade ricochets backwards toward the neuromancer. The surge always extends to 60 feet. Note that this program has different range rules than normal.

Duration:10 min

This program shuts down ongoing programs such as Lockdown, Lazy Eye, etc. If the neuromancer's experience level is equal to or higher than the original programmer's level, the crash works automatically. If attempting to crash a program executed by a higher level neuromancer, the percentage that it works is equal to the ratio of the level difference.

Example: A 4th level neuromancer trying to crash a ghost image generated by a 6th level neuromancer has a 2/3rds or 66% chance to successfully run the crash.

At the GM's option, the program or original neuromancer can make a saving throw. If successful, the program will come back online in 10 minutes. If a failure, the program is shut down and must be executed again.

Electric Eye
Duration: 2 hours

The neuromancer can hijack cameras, drones, webcams, and other objects within the zone to eavesdrop. Generally this does not work beyond moderate range, simply because there is simply too much sensory data to sift through.

Fade Party
Duration: Until countered or attack is made

This program is identical to Fade, but it projects a "black hole" in a ten foot radius around the recipient that moves with the recipient. All within this radius are considered faded. 

Mr. Clean/Dirty Bomb
Duration: Instantaneous

1. Mister Clean allows the neuromancer to remove a virus or other malicious software from a computer or device.

2. Dirty Bomb allows the neuromancer to infect a device with a virus. The details of the virus are determined by the GM.

Search Engine
Duration: 1 minute per level

This program allows the neuromancer to get directions to the nearest specified object. Examples of object categories might be: the nearest terminal, nearest elevator, nearest data node, etc.

Duration: 3 turns

This spell bogs down a target with lag, reducing its movement, attacks, and actions to half speed. If used in the immediate range zone, it can affect up to 24 targets in a 60 ft radius. All targets are allowed a saving throw to resist the effects. Note that cyborgs or individuals with networked gear may suffer a reduced effect based on what kind of implants/equipment they are carrying. (A non-cybered goon with a networked gun and a knife would not suffer movement penalties, nor attack penalties with the knife.)

Level 4 Combat Programs 
Duration: 2 hours

Bedlam causes machines and cyborgs to act randomly. The afflicted targets must roll on the table below. The effects of the program shift every turn or so, and the GM must roll the dice to determine the new behavior:
Roll (2d6)                               Effect
2-5                                    Attack the neuromancer and her allies
6-8                                    Stand inactive
9-12                                  Attack own allies

The program affects 2d6 targets, plus an additional target for every neuromancer level above 8th. Targets of 3 HD or fewer are automatically affected by the program, which takes effect immediately. Targets of 4 HD or more resist the power for a number of minutes equal to 1d12 minus the neuromancer's experience level. Thereafter, they must make a saving throw (and another saving throw every turn) or fall under the influence of the program until the duration expires.

If it is not possible to attack the neuromancer and/or her allies (the program is used on a remote location, the neuromancer uses Fade on the following round, etc) the targets will attack nearby inanimate objects.
Big Daddy Fry 
Duration: Instantaneous

This program causes a power surge or hardware failure in the target, inflicting 3d6+3 damage. This is more than enough to destroy most regular personal weapons.

Lazy Eye Support Group
Duration: 2 hours

This program creates a affects a target any anyone within 10 feet. (The zone moves with the target) All in the zone suffer a -2 to any firearm or networked attack rolls.

Duration: 1 hour

This program creates a backdoor into the target's sensory equipment. (Cybereyes, camera, a gun's scope, etc) The neuromancer can simultaneously see through his own eyes and the eyes of the target until the duration of the program expires.

Duration:  Three questions

Query is the ultimate power search: it answers a neuromancer's questions by collating data from all available sources. Feeding this much information into the human brain is dangerous, however, and the program can only be safely used once per week; any more frequently and the caster may suffer a temporary psychosis similar to the Bedlam program. (GM's discretion)

Level 5 Combat Programs

Blitzkrieg's Ping
Duration: Special

This dangerous program can only be used at global/extreme range. The program seeks to establish a direct link between the neuromancer and the Black AI that exist in the darkest corners of the networks. The neuromancer first decides how deeply she wishes to go (Level 1 through 6) The neuromancer then asks a number of yes/no questions equal to the depth she has chosen.
Roll 1d20 and consult the table below. Typically the GM should make the roll in secret.

Depth                    Insanity                    Right                   Wrong
1                              1-2                          3-11                     12-20
2                              1-4                          4-13                     14-20
3                              1-6                          7-16                     16-20
4                              1-8                          9-17                     18-20
5                              1-10                       11-18                    19-20
6                              1-12                       13-19                      20

Insanity: Direct contact with the Black AIs causes the neuromancer to go temporarily insane for a number of weeks equal to the depth. At the GM's discretion, the neuromancer may come away with some knowledge from the experience. (Or dangerous misinformation)

Right: The Black AI answers the questions correctly.

Wrong: The Black AI either delivers a half-truth or somehow misleads the neuromancer.

The Big Backup
Duration: Special

The neuromancer can transfer his thought patterns into a specially prepared device.  While his consciousness is in the device, the body must be hooked up to some sort of life support device. While in the device, the neuromancer can dive into any networked object by using the rigging/diving table. The neuromancer can directly control the object and use all of its abilities, as well as any programs kept in his headware. If the device is destroyed, the neuormancer's consciousness returns to the backup device. If the neuromancer's body is terminated or destroyed while using this program, his consciousness is trapped inside the backup device, though he can still continue to hijack devices. If the backup device is destroyed, the neuromancer's mind is lost forever. The neuromancer can end the program at any time to transfer back to his body.

Duration: 1 hour

This program creates a dead zone centered on the neuromancer. Within this zone, combat programs will not function and the neuromancer is not considered to be networked. This cuts both ways; the neuromancer cannot execute any programs, and any ongoing programs crash immediately.

 Ice Age
Duration: 1 hour plus 1 turn/level

An upgrade of  Freeze, Ice Age will hold any target of any size, affecting either 1d4 targets or a single target that suffers -2 to its saving throw.

Pump the Brakes
Duration: Permanent until removed

This program targets AIs or neuromancers. The save against this program is made at a -4 penalty. If the save is failed, the AI becomes braked. An already braked AI or a neuormancer have their intelligence scores reduced to 3 and cannot execute programs or rig/dive/slave. This condition remains until repaired with a Mr. Clean or similar program.

Duration: Permanent

This program can target a single device, drone, vehicle, computer, etc. The target must make a saving throw. On a failure, the target's OS is wiped, essentially killing it. Living targets with headware can be killed by this program.

Duration: Permanent

This program can be used on a target that has had its OS wiped. It installs a new, slaved OS, essentially bringing the device back online and under the permanent control of the neuromancer. The neuromancer can control a total number of Hit Dice of zombie devices equal to twice their experience level.



  1. Getting caught up again. Interesting system, but as I've said, not to my taste. I'll be curious to see what people think of the spell-based system.

    1. I've only had two people weigh in on it: you don't care for it, and a former group member of mine really liked it. I'm still on the fence, to be honest. I can make a case to myself for both versions of the neuromancer.

    2. Well, I suppose ultimately you won't know until it sees wider distribution. Please don't take my comments as undue criticism. It seems a perfectly viable system and I'm sure it will appeal to many since it's something different.

    3. Nah, all your criticism is constructive. JB had some reservations about the neuromancer as well. As I started to design the infiltrator and face classes, I felt like all the non-enforcer classes were looking a bit samey.