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OneDice Urban Fantasy Revision: Magic System

 I had intended this to be my final post on my OneDice Urban Fantasy revisions, but I just realized I never posted any rules for alchemy and artificing, two skills I introduced. That will be the final post so that I can get back to work on my White Box Cyberpunk rules. Jeez. 

Magic and Spells

This system is a hybrid of the two presented in OneDice Urban Fantasy. (One is a list of set spells by category, the other is a very cool free-form system based on semi-historical magical traditions)

Characters begin with a number of spells equal to their Magic rating x2. They may select spells from both their gift and aptitude lists, but they may never know more aptitude spells than they do gift spells.

Characters with a magical aptitude are limited to the spells on their list. Characters with a magical gift, however, are capable of improvising spells per the alternate magic system in OneDice Urban Fantasy.

Regardless of whether a character uses an improvised spell or a "rote" (list) spell,  a character can still only cast a number of spells per day equal to Magic x2 safely. A character can choose to cast extra spells, but each extra spell causes the caster to lose 1d6 Health for an acolyte spell, 2d6 for an adept spell, and 3d6 for a master spell. The character can make a TN 4/6/8 test vs. Strong or Magic to take half damage. The damage from casting extra spells can only be restored by natural healing; regeneration and magic will not help.

All schools/traditions of magic have three levels of skill: acolyte, adept, and master. Any character with Magic 1 can learn acolyte spells, so long as they have the appropriate gift or aptitude. In order to learn adept spells, a character must have Magic 3 and be at least 3rd level. Master spells require a character to be level 7 and to have a Magic rating of 4 or higher.

All of the magic types in the book use their spell lists. Beginner spells are the acolyte spells, intermediate spells are the adept spells, and advanced spells are the master spells. Below are two new types of magic.

*Elemental Magic-  Deals with the manipulation of the four elements
 Acolyte (Requires Magic 1+)
1. Manipulate Air  The caster can create/nullify a strong breeze, disperse smoke/gas, etc. This can generate a wind strong enough to knock someone over. Range: 20 TN: 6
2. Manipulate Earth The caster can weaken or toughen dirt, wood, or even metal, doubling or halving the structural integrity. Range: 20 TN: 5
3. Manipulate Fire- This spell can quell or intensify a fire to about bonfire levels. It cannot create fire from nothing. Range: 10 TN: 6
4. Manipulate Water- This spell can direct the current of a body of water roughly equal to a small lake. It can churn or calm the water. The spell can drop the temperature of water to just below freezing or just above boiling. Range: 10 TN: 5
5. Resist Cold The target can withstand even arctic temperatures without any discomfort or detrimental effects. The target also takes half damage from cold attacks. Lasts 1d6x10 minutes. Range: Touch TN: 5
6.Resist Fire- The target can withstand fire and heat up to 450 degrees without any detrimental effects. The target also takes half damage from fire-based attacks. Lasts 1d6x10 minutes.

Adept (Requires level 3+ and Magic 3+)
1. Chill- Used against an enemy, this spell inflicts 1d6x3 cold damage (metal armor does not protect, but non-metal does) Used against and object, it can drop the temperature to the point where holding it is impossible without taking 16 damage and making a TN 6 Strong check not to drop it. Range: 10 TN: 8
2. Earthen Grasp- Chunks of ground rise up and trap an enemy's legs. For 1d6 rounds, the opponent cannot move. TN: 8 Range: 10
3. Icicle- Summons an icicle that the caster can hurl at an opponent. The projectile inflicts 2d6 damage. The caster can also cause the icicle to explode as it travels, targeting up to 1d6+1 opponents with icy shrapnel. Range: 20 TN 7
4. Melt- This spell can melt metal objects up to the size of a city mailbox. (It will still partially melt larger objects like a car) Anyone who touches or is wearing melted metal takes 1d6 damage per round of exposure. (Armor does not help unless it is fireproof) Range: 10 TN: 8
5. Summon Elemental- The caster summons forth  1d6 elementals (the caster can pick which type, but all summoned elementals are the same type.) They will serve the caster for 1d6 rounds, after which they vanish back whence they came.  Range: 10 TN: 7
6. Wind Shield- The caster is surrounded by a small whirlwind that deflects attacks. Melee attacks suffer a -2, ranged attacks suffer a -3. The spell lasts for 1d6 combat rounds. Range: Self   TN: 7

Master (Requires level 7 and Magic 4+)
1. Convert Element- This spell can change an element from one to the other. A fire could be turned into water, for instance. The spell affects an area about the size of a small house. The change is permanent. Range: 20 TN: 10
2. Conflagration- This spell causes an enormous fire to burst forth from nothing. The flames are big enough and hot enough to engulf a small house. The fire may be extinguished by normal means. If the fire erupts in the same space as a foe, they take 1d6x4 Health, plus possible further damage if they remain in the fire. Range: 10 TN: 9
3. Earthquake- This spell causes an earthquake that affects an area of about 1d6 city blocks. The earthquake is 1d6+3 on the Richter scale and lasts for 1d6 minutes. Range: 10 TN: 12
4. Tempest- This spell creates gale-force winds, capable of destroying windows, damaging buildings, and hurling people. The tempest lasts 1d6 combat rounds and blows in whichever direct the caster desires, though the caster must concentrate to maintain the winds. Range: 20 TN: 11
5. Torrent- This spell conjures a localized downpour, covering about a city block. Visibility is reduced to 1 yard, and it quickly becomes impossible to move in the huge puddles, mud, etc. Everyone in the area moves at half speed and ranged attacks are impossible. Range: 20 TN: 9
6. Summon Greater Elemental- This spell summons forth a Greater Elemental (the caster can choose the type.) It serves for 1d6 rounds before returning whence it came.  Range: 10  TN: 9

*Hemomancy- Magic that manipulates blood and life force. Most of these spells do not work on undead, constructs, or other things that are not truly alive. At the GM's discretion, spells that manipulate actual bloodflow may affect a vampire.
 Acolyte (Requires Magic 1+)
1. Adrenal Surge- Target gains +2 Strong for 1d6 combat rounds. Range: 10 TN: 6
2. Cease Bleeding- This spell stabilizes a dying character (0 Health) Range: Touch TN: 5
3. Endure- This spell allows the target to go without water, food, sleep, or even rest for three days. At the end of that time, the target takes 2d6 damage that can only be healed by complete rest. This spell can only be cast once a week on a given individual. Range: Touch TN: 5
4. Enhance Life Force- The target heals at double the normal rate for 1d6 x 10 hours. Range: Touch Touch TN:6
5. Sense Life Force- The caster can sense the presence of all living beings within 1000 feet. The caster can determine their size and if they are badly injured or not. The spell lasts as long as the caster remains in total concentration. Range: Self  TN: 5
6. Slow Heart Rate - For the next 1d6 combat rounds, that target can either move or take an action, but not both. Outside of combat, this spell fatigues the target, imposing a -2 penalty on all tasks. Range: 20  TN: 6

Adept (Requires level 3+ and Magic 3+)
1. Bleed - A given target takes +2 damage from any cutting or piercing attack for the next 1d6 combat rounds. Range: 20  TN: 8
2. Block Pain - One target gains +15 bonus health for 1d6 combat rounds. All damage first subtracts from these bonus hit points. At the end of the spell, the target takes 1d6 damage. Range: 20 TN: 7
3. Burst Vessels- Causes the blood vessels in the target's eyes to rupture. For 1d6 combat rounds, the target has -2 to any attack requiring clear vision. (Ranged attacks, etc) Range: 20 TN: 7
4. Heart Attack - The target takes 1d6 x 3 damage. Armor does not protect the target. Range: 10 TN: 9
5. Purge- The target is instantly cured of mundane diseases or poisons. Magical diseases or poisons require a higher TN. The target spends 1 round vomiting or otherwise purging the harm from their body. Range: Touch    TN: 9/11
6. Transfer Life Force- The caster is able to give Health points to an injured living being. The caster can only recover points from this transfer through natural rest; no supernatural aid will bring the points back faster. This spell cannot give a subject Health in excess of their normal maximum value. Range: Touch TN: 9

Master (Requires level 7 and Magic 4+)
1. Contagion- This infects the target with a wasting disease. The disease lasts 3d6 days, inflicting a point of damage each day that the target cannot recover unless they receive supernatural aid. In addition, the target's Strong score is reduced by 2. (If reduced to 0, the target is helpless and unable to walk.) During the course of the infection, the target is contagious; anyone in contact with them must make a TN 6 Strong roll or become infected. Modern medicine has only a 50-50 chance of treating the disease. Range: 20  TN: 11
2. Create Life- The caster invests part of their own life force into a vessel, bringing it to live. This must be an organic body, created artificially through alchemy, or an intact corpse. This newly created life will have it's own personality and motivations. It has a number of Health points equal to what the caster chose to invest x2 The caster cannot ever recover the Health Points invested to create this new life.  Range: Touch TN: 12
3. Drain Life Force- The caster steals the target's health and adds it to his own. Armor does not protect against this loss. If the caster exceeds his normal Health total, they keep the extra points until they are lost from injury, etc. This spell does not increase the caster's maximum Health total.  Range: 20 TN: 10
4. Puppet- By manipulating the blood and muscle of a target, the caster can force the target's body to perform actions of the caster's choosing. The caster's control over the body is clumsy, and the target cannot be forced to perform tasks of fine manipulation. The spell lasts as long as the caster concentrates. The caster can take no significant actions. If the caster is injured, they must make a Strong roll with a TN equal to the damage they have taken or the spell ends immediately.  Range: 20 TN: 11
5. Quench Life- The target must make a TN 10 Strong roll or lose 20 Health. TN: 12 Range: 10
6.  Requiem- An intact corpse may return to life for a single day, after which they die again. There is no way to prevent this. The spell can also return vampires to life for a single day, though unwilling targets may resist. A vampire revived in this way is subject to mortal attribute/skill maximums, does not suffer the usual weaknesses, and cannot use any vampiric gifts. This spell can only be cast once on any given individual, ever.  Range: Touch  TN: 12


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