Thursday, April 28, 2016

OneDice Urban Fantasy Revisions- Supernatural Gifts

Demon Gifts
*Devil's Deal: Anyone who enters willingly into a bargain with a demon-blooded must fulfill the terms of the contract or become sickened, with their Strong, Quick, and HP reduced to half, rounded up. This sickness remains until the contract is fulfilled or the demon-blooded willingly releases the target from the contract. This ability is a double-edged sword; as the demon-blooded suffers the same penalty if they break their half of the bargain. They must either fulfill their end or else be released by the target. A demon-blooded can have only one Devil's Deal active at a time.
*Nightmare Sending: The demon-blooded stands over a sleeping or unconscious individual and makes a Magic vs. Magic attack. On a success, the target suffers terrifying nightmares (though does not awaken) and the demon-blooded can siphon 1d6 HP from them, adding them to his own. This ability can be used only once per night.
*Regeneration: The demon-blooded heals five times faster than ordinary humans. Wounds caused by a vulnerability, however, heal at the normal rate.
*Sorcery- The character has access to the Sorcery school of magic. This is treated as an aptitude and not a gift.
*Stronger- as per the lesser gift
*Unearthly Beauty- as per the fae-blooded gift

Demon Weaknesses
Ban: Holy ground/holy symbols
Dependence: inflicting torment on humans, making deals with humans, seducing humans
Vulnerability: Cold iron, blessed weapons (double damage in either case)

Fae Gifts 
Exactly as written in the OneDice Urban Fantasy book, with one exception
*Shapeshifting- At character creation, the fae-blooded must choose whether they can assume any basically humanoid form, or whether they can shapeshift into animals. If they take this gift twice, they may shapeshift into either.

Fae Weaknesses  
Exactly as written in the OneDice Urban Fantasy book, with the following changes:
*Vulnerability- Weapons made of the substance do double damage, objects do damage over time. 

Lesser Gifts - All natural gifts from the book work now fall under this category. The following are some new additions:
*Electropathy-The character and psychically manipulate nearly electronic objects. A character needs the computer skill to do any hacking or other surreptitious ability, but any electropath can cause the device to turn on/off, turn up, or perform any normal function with a TN 3 Magic roll.
*Face-Stealing- The character can create a glamour on themselves to look like a specific individual. The character must have seen the individual in person at a range of 10 or less within the past month. People who know the individual personally can make a TN 6 Clever check to see through the disguise. Anyone with The Sight will penetrate the illusion. This does not grant the character any of the target's abilities, though if the character has heard the person speak, they can duplicate the voice.
*Lesser Regeneration- As the demon ability, but the character only heals twice as fast.
*Leaping- The character can perform prodigious leaps, up to Strong x5 across and Strong x3 up.
*Telepathy-The character can read surface thoughts out to a range of 10. A character can also project a message. Both of these are a Magic roll with TN 3 and 5, respectively.

Magical Heritage Gifts 
A character can select one of the following types of magic for which they have an inborn gift.  The magic system revision post will address the difference between a magical gift and an aptitude.
*Druidic Magic
*Elemental Magic (new type of magic)
*Fae Magic
*Hemomancy (new type of magic)

Vampire Gifts 

Necromancy- Treated as an aptitude, not a gift 
Shapeshifting- Vampires can only choose the form of a bat, wolf, or cloud of mist
Spider Climb
Sorcery- Treated as an aptitude, not a gift

Vampire Weaknesses 

Ban: Consecrated ground, holy symbols
*Dependence: Human blood
*Vulnerability: A wooden stake through the heart paralyzes the vampire until someone removes it. Sunlight inflicts 1-3 points of damage per round of exposure.

Werebeast Forms 
*Werebear:  +3 Strong, -1 Clever, +2 Brawl, +1 Notice, +1 Tracking, +10 Health, +10 Movement
Natural Weapons inflict 3 damage

*Werewolf: +2 Strong, -1 Clever, +2 Quick, +1 Brawl, +2 Notice, +2 Tracking, +5 Health, +30 Move
Natural Weapons inflict 2 damage

*Wereraven: -1 Strong, +3 Quick, +2 Notice, +2 to HtH and Ranged defense. +20 to Move (flight)
Natural Weapons inflict 1 damage

Werebeast Weaknesses  
Lunacy- On the night of the full moon, and the nights before and after, werebeasts cannot control their change. They will change automatically when provoked, injured, or excited on these nights.

Vulnerability (Silver) Silver weapons have double the damage rating against werebeasts. Even exposure to silver objects can cause severe burns.

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