Wednesday, April 27, 2016

OneDice Urban Fantasy- Unofficial Revisions (DM Wieg Style)

So I love the idea and concepts behind the OneDice system. I particularly like OneDice Urban Fantasy, and I've posted scattered material for it across this blog.

However, I don't really dig on the math behind it.

So, with sincere apologies to Peter Cakebread, I'm posting my revisions to the system. (And I will totally pull them if he objects)

Oh- and I'm still working on White Box Cyberpunk. These revisions took me all of an hour or so.The revisions also assume that you have access to OneDice Urban Fantasy- they will not be a complete game unto themselves.

Strong, Clever, Quick, and Magic - All being at 0, which is adult human average. PCs have 4 points to spend, and cannot put more than 3 points in a single attribute. A rating of 3 is also the absolute maximum for mundane humans. You can reduce Strong, Clever, or Quick to -1 for a bonus point to spend elsewhere, but you can only decrease one attribute to -1. A character must have a rating of 1 in Magic to be a supernatural being; a rating of 0 means the character is a mundane human.

Derived Attributes-
Health: Strong x3
Movement: Quickness x10
          Hand-to-Hand: Strong x2 + Bruiser  OR Quick x2 + Melee
          Ranged: Quickness x2 + cover bonuses
          Magic: Magic x 3

Characters receive 6 points to distribute among skills. All skills begin at 0. Characters can have a maximum of 2 points in a skill at creation. A skill rating of 3 is the absolute maximum for a mortal human. At the GM's discretion, supernaturals might be able to have a skill at a higher rating. (An ancient mummy might have an Occult Lore skill well above 3, for instance) Each skill has an attribute tied to it. When you roll that skill, you add skill + attribute. Some skills are tied to two attributes, in that case you roll whichever is higher or most applicable to the situation.

Supernatural Type: 
A character who has a Magic score of 1 or higher is a supernatural creature. Select one of the following archetypes. Characters with Magic 0 are mundanes and skip this step.

Demon-blooded- Pick 2 demonic gifts, take 1 demonic weakness
Fae-blooded- Pick 2 fae gifts, take 1 fae weakness
Gifted- take 2 lesser gifts
Magical Heritage- Choose 1 school of magic to be gifted in, choose 1 to have an aptitude in
Vampire- +2 Strength, +2 Quickness, Dominate, Dark Vision, chose 1 vampire gift, take all vampire weaknesses
Werebeast- Choose 1 werebeast form, take all werebeast weaknesses

I will post supernatural gifts in a follow-up post. The only ones I will detail are new ones I wrote up or abilities that I changed significantly from the rules. 


  1. I'm taking notes here! Having Stats at 0 or negative does look a bit odd, but is very helpful for if you want to change scales (e.g. base a game around small creatures like Goblins).

    1. I ended up scrapping these changes for the one-off I ran. Having -1 as a possible value for Strong or Quick completely breaks the formulas for the secondary attributes.