Monday, April 4, 2016

The Royal Society Files, Session 1

After a session of character generation and a session of preludes, we finally got our campaign off to a proper start on Friday. Inspector First Class Frederick Abberline paid a visit to Burlington House to turn over the file on Spring-Heeled Jack. "Scotland Yard has no time to chase bogeymen," the inspector muttered.

The police had documented sporadic sightings of Spring-heeled Jack over the past several decades, with a puzzling variety of descriptions and many inconsistencies regarding his (?) capabilities and motives. Jack sightings went quiet in the 1870s, only to resurface in the past two months. The incidents began as muggings, but have escalated to a bizarre smattering of robberies.

The party began their investigations at the manor of the renowned Kenneth Kensington, Esquire, a wealthy big game hunter and adventurer. Jack had smashed through the glass-domed ceiling of his trophy room, tussled with Kensington's manservant, Areem, and made off with a priceless crystalline nightingale gifted to him by the Empress Dowager of China. The party was able to gather enough clues to suspect that Jack's jumping abilities were indeed mechanical and likely more complicated than a simple set of springs in his heels.

The Royals next visited the residence of Hershel Hildenberg, inventor and industrialist, who reported the theft of a small prototype engine to Scotland Yard. Hildenberg was away on business, returning to find his mechanical butler destroyed by some kind of electrical shock and his prototype Keely Vibronic Engine stolen. Hildenberg admitted that the engine was more of a curiosity than anything else, since it didn't reliably work. Hildenberg informed that party that the engine's inventor, an American named John Keely, had failed to secure any investors and didn't even have enough money to return to the United States.

The party tracked Keely to a flophouse in the rundown Bleaks, the district of burned out and mostly abandoned factories from the First Wave of Progress. Thoroughly drunk and desperate, Keely told them that the had secured a shadow investor and had built a new, improved engine, the Keely Vaporic Motor. He told the party that "the Jacks" were following him, prompting them to use the poor Yank as bait.

The session ended on a cliffhanger. The party convinced Keely to take them to his secret lab, an abandoned factory deep in the Bleaks. Indeed, it contained a half-built engine of some kind. Just then, the party found itself surrounded by five different Spring-heeled Jacks, each matching one of the varied descriptions reported to Scotland Yard.

The session was slow and unfocused, and I'm kind of kicking myself for it. I feel like we didn't have as much rp as we did in the preludes session. I suppose I should cut myself some slack since this was the first "proper" session and the campaign is just finding its legs. Our next session is set for April 15th.

Posts on my White Box Cyberpunk mod will resume tomorrow. Cheers! 

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