Wednesday, April 20, 2016

White Box Cyberpunk: Cyberware, Draft 2

I added prices, most based on the lists in Cyberpunk 2020.

Cyberware implants are the way of the future. They have saved countless lives and made previously inhuman feats possible. However, they come with a terrible cost. As people lose more and more of themselves, they tend to develop a mental illness called Implant Depersonalization Syndrome.

All characters begin with a Cyberware Tolerance (CT) of 10. Having a constitution or wisdom score will provide an accumulative +1 to initial CT score. Scores of less than 9 in those abilities will likewise subtract 1 point from a character's CT score.

Every implant has a CT Loss number. When a character gets an implant installed, their CT is reduced by the listed number. As a character's CT reaches certain points, they begin to suffer penalties.

CT less than 7 - The character must make a saving throw or develop Stage I IDS. A person with Stage I has a distant, detached demeanor to them. They have -1 to reaction rolls and -1 to any task involving charisma

CT less than 3 - Stage II IDS - If a character with Stage I drops below 3 CT, they must make another saving throw or progress to Stage II. Even if they make the saving throw, they must repeat the save every month. At the GM's option, there might be street drugs or sketchy treatments available to give them a bonus to the save or skip the save entirely, but then the character has to deal with expense, addiction, etc. Characters with Stage II IDS have a -2 to reaction rolls and to charisma based tasks.

CT 0- Stage III IDS- A character who reaches 0 CT either dies or becomes a ravening, inhuman machine. Either way, the character is now an NPC under the GM's control. Rumor has it of black projects that keep these "cyberzombies" alive to be used as weapons, as well as rumors of Stage IIIs who manage to keep their sapience intact but are deranged psychopaths.

The implants listed in italics are basic implants, the ones offset under them are features that can be installed at an additional cost, but no additional CT loss. (With the exception of the neuro-interface link)

Cyberware            Cost CT Loss   Notes

Eyes                      500        .5
      -Telescopic      200                     Shift ranges one category down
      -IR                   200                     See heat signatures, see in the dark
Ears                                    .5
     -Transmitter    300                      Hear/transmit radio frequencies
     -Sound Amp    200                    +2 to all listening tasks

Head Computer   1,000      1         Always have a computer, storage

      -Neuro-Interface   *      +1      Neuromancer's required headware

Weapon Link           100     .5        +1 hit with linked weapon

Arms                        500             1
  -Internal Weapon   500            1d6+1 weapon
  -Integrated Tools    350             Pick tool kit

Legs                         500       1
   -Hydraulic Jacks   500             Triple jumping distance

Adrenal System     400         1      +2d6 extra temporary hp
Boosted Reflexes  500          2      Roll twice to be surprised, +2 individual init
Bone Lacing         300          1      +3 extra hit points
Blood Filtration    300         .5     +2 save vs. poisons, diseases
Muscle Graft       1,000        1       +1 hit/dmg in melee, +2 encumbrance slots
Internal Air Supply 300      .5     30 min air supply
Subdermal Armor 1,000      1     +1 AC, cumulative with worn armor

*Neuromancers automatically begin with a head computer that has a neuro-interface. They needn't pay money for it, but they do suffer the CT loss.


  1. This is the tough stuff - harder to work out than weapons, IMO. Seems a decent start though. No prices? I feel you - no idea myself, other than to steal from CP or SR and trust their math. Blah.
    Are the CT values basically from CP also? I haven't decided how to handle that yet. I had thought to have a separate stat, either starting at 18 rather than 10, or have it based on CON to start.
    I do like your IDS system as a simple way to model cyberpsychosis.
    You're making good progress!

  2. I'm probably stealing the prices.

    The CT values I just made up, though I feel like the values were more inspired by Shadowrun's Essence system than Cyberpunk 2020. Initially I planned to make CT an average of a character's constitution and wisdom; to me a big part of cyber-psychosis is the loss of sense of self. I may yet go back to that system and maybe adjust the numbers for IDS.

    1. Hmm. I can see that. Maybe either the average of the two, or take the better?
      7 and 3 seem like reasonable tiers to me, whether starting from 10/11, or the higher numbers based on CON/WIS. If you do change to a higher starting point though, you might need to bump the CT values.

    2. I think I'd probably do an average. Did you see the note above about con and wis modifying a character's starting CT?

  3. I did - that's why I said 10/11. That's a nice compromise if you don't use the avg. Either way sounds good to me.
    How about healing after surgery for installation? Any guidelines? ST for complications? That might be too fiddly for WB though.

    1. Initially I did have a recovery time column, but then I decided to ditch it. I might have a very simple healing up system when I do the damage and healing section of the rules.

  4. I'd be strongly tempted to double call the CT numbers, to get rid of all the half-points.

    1. I had considered that, Eric, but some of the implants seemed relatively minor. I was also looking at old Shadowrun's Essence system, and it gets even more finicky than that... with .25's and .1's and things.

      That being said, maybe I'll adjust starting CT to 12 and then make all the values whole numbers.