Monday, April 18, 2016

White Box Cyberpunk: Gear, Draft 1

 Ah, the part of the game I have dreaded above all others.
One of my two major problems with cyberpunk rpgs is the tendency for it to become gear porn. A lot of the old Shadowrun games I used to play felt more like the players were playing walking equipment lists.

To this end, I'm starting by just plain ripping off the weapon and armor stats from either Skyscrapers & Sorcery or White Lies, which are nigh-identical. I've broken them down into light, medium, and heavy weapons to go along with my class write-ups. I have adjusted the mechanics a little bit to better fit my game.

Cyberware will be addressed in a separate post. I also hope I can somehow pare this down to be even simpler...although it is no more complicated than the tables in S&S and WL.

I'm not going to bother writing explanations of common weapons. I'm also leaving them generic so that GMs can decide whether to name them after real life firearms, make up fake firearm models like Shadowrun, or just decide that it's unimportant.

I think I may have mentioned this in a previous post, but I took the miscellaneous gear from Cyberpunk 2020... at least the gadget names and basic idea. Alright, enough navel gazing. 

How to read the weapons chart:

RoF- Rate of Fire. This is how many times a character can attack in one round. Note that this doesn't "stack" with an enforcer's combat machine ability. (A 4th level enforcer using a RoF 2 weapon attacks 4 times.)

Rng- Range. The range increment of the weapon in yards. One increment is short range, no penalty. Two increments is medium range, -2 to hit. Three increments is long range, -4 to hit. Accurate fire beyond that is impossible. Melee weapons with a range can be thrown.

Avail- Availability. This is the chance on a d6 that the character can find the weapon for sale. Weapons with 0 availability can only be obtained through fixer contacts. Characters cannot begin the game with any weapon that has an availability of less than 3.

BP- Ballistic Protection. Armor reduces incoming damage from bullets by the listed amount. Attacks still inflict a minimum of 1 point of damage, however. Damage from other sources is not reduced.

Slight adjustment to my classes: infiltrators can use a sniper rifle, despite it being a heavy weapon. It is the only heavy weapon they can use.

Firearms                    Dmg     RoF   Rng  Ammo  Cost  Avail.

Holdout Pistol            1d6-1     1         10      2            20      6 
Revolver                    1d6+1     2         50      6          50       6
Revolver, Big            1d6+2     2         50      6           75       6
SA Pistol                   1d6         2         75     12          120     6       
Taser+                        Spec.       1        10       2          300    5      

+A target hit by a taser takes 1 point of damage and must make a saving throw or be stunned for 1d6 rounds.

Shotgun, Dbl Barrel 1d6+3*   2          30     2        100   5                    
Shotgun, Pump         1d6+3*   1         30     5        150    5  
Submachine Gun#    1d6+1     2         50    20       900     4                     
Semi-Auto Rifle       1d6+2     2        150     8       800     5

#The weapon can fire a 3-round burst in place of a regular attack. This uses up three bullets and grants +2 to hit and damage.
*Shotgun damage drops to 1d6+1 at medium range and 1d6-1 at long range.

Assault Rifle#        1d6+2       2        150      30   1,500     4
Big Game Rifle      2d6+2       1        300      5     2,000    4
Flamethrower& 1d6        1         30      10     400      2
Rocket Launcher~     4d6       1/2       200      1    500       2
Sniper Rifle               2d6        1         500      15   500      3
Shotgun, SA            1d6+3*    2         30        5    200       3

#The weapon can fire a 3-round burst in place of a regular attack. This uses up three bullets and grants +2 to hit and damage. The weapon can also go full-auto, consuming all attacks for the round and either granting +2 to hit and double damage OR allowing the shooter to attack 1d4 targets with normal hit and damage modifiers. 
&Sets the target on fire, doing 1d6 damage/round until extinguished.
~ Does full damage at impact point, -1d6 for every 5 feet the target is away. A successful saving throw will halve the damage.


Flash-Bang    Stun                        1      4        -        30    5  No dmg, save or be stunned 1d6 rounds
                                                                                              and blinded 1d6 rounds
Frag                 2d6                       1       4        -       40    5
Incendiary       2d6                       1       4         -      40     5
Smoke              -                           1       4         -      30    5
Plastique        1d6+2/charge         1       -          -    100   4
Launcher        As grenade             1      40       5    300   3

All explosives count as medium weapons. However, grenade launchers count as heavy weapons.

 Explosive damage: explosives do full damage to all targets in a 5' radius from the point of impact, with the damage dropping 1 die for each 5' away from ground zero. In the case of stun grenades, targets 5' beyond the center of impact get +2 to save and are stunned for 1d6-1 rounds. Targets beyond that are mechanically unaffected.

Archaic Weapons

Axe, Hatchet      1d6-1     1    4       1       10     6
Brass Knuckles  1d6-1     1    -         -       10     6
Crossbow, Wrist 1d6-1   1/2   40     1       50     4
Knife/Dagger     1d6-1     1    4        1      10      6
Nightstick           1d6        1    -         -      20      6
Stun Baton^        Spec.     1    -          -     50      4
Sling/Slingshot   1d6-2    1    30       1     20      6
Unarmed Att      1d6-2    1     -         -      -        -

Crossbow           1d6      1/2    80     1    60       5
Machete             1d6        1       -      -     25      6
Spear                  1d6       1       4       1    15     6
Staff**               1d6        1      -       -     20      6
Sword                 1d6+1   1      -        -   100     6

Axe, Battle        1d6+2    1     -        -    150     5
Compound Bow 1d6+1   2    60      1    50      6
Sword, Tech^^    1d6       1     -        - 1,000    2
Whip, Tech^^ % 1d6-1    1    3        -  2,000   1

^Target takes 1 point of damage and must make a saving throw or be stunned for 1d6 rounds
^^ Tech weapons treat all targets as being AC 12.
%Whips have a range, but cannot be thrown. This represents the extra reach such weapons have and can attack an opponent at a distance.

Armor     AC   BP  Cost Avail
 Light       +2    -1     100    6
Medium   +4    -2     250    5
Heavy      +6    -3     800    3
Shield^    +2     -      100    5

^These are heavy ballistic shields, often used by police for riot control. They count as heavy armor anda character using such a shield cannot use two handed weapons or use that arm for anything but keeping the shield on front of them.

Ammo                              Cost     Avail.    Notes
Bullets, assault rifle          100         4          Box of 60
Bullets, big game               75          3         Box of 50
Bullets, handgun                10         6          Box of 50
Bullets, rifle                       20        6           Box of 50
Bullets, shotgun                 10        6           Box of 20
Bullets, SMG                     50        4          Box of 40

Special Ammo
Armor-Piercing: Ignores two points of BP.   x2 cost
Hollow Point: -2 to hit, +2 to damage           x2 cost
Gel Rounds: Target takes 1 point of damage and must make a saving throw or be stunned for 1d6 rounds.                                                            x1.5 cost

Weapon Accessories   Cost        Notes 

Firearm Accessories

Cyberlink  Capable        100       Firearms only, allows connection to cyberlink implants
Extended Magazines      10        150% ammo capacity, but no concealment. Non-revol
Gas Vent                         50       Autofire guns get an additional +1 when using bursts
Mounted Flashlight        10
Scope                              50       Treat medium range as short, long as medium, add a long range
Shoulder Holster            10        Conceal handguns under a coat or jacket
Speed Loader                  2         Reload revolvers in 1 round (normally takes 3)
Suppressor                      50       Reduce noise of guns

Archaic Weapon Accessories

Diamond Edge              200       +1 hit and damage for edged weapons
Explosive Bolts               30      +2 damage for crossbows and bows

Armor Accessories
Casual Design             x1.5        Light armor only. Looks like normal clothes.    
Enviro-Seal                 x2           Heavy armor only. Sealed suit, 60 min. oxygen
Tactical Pockets          +75         Provides 3 extra encumbrance slots 
Thermoptics                x3          +2 to sneaking/stealth attempts

Misc Gear
Tech Toolkit             200                      Used to
B&E Tools       200                               Used for covert ops
Flashtube                 10                       6 hours of light
Rebreather               200                       30 min. air supply, also filters air
Digital Camera        200                       
Roll-Up Laptop      350
Pocket Computer    500
Comm Unit            200
Binoculars               20
Binoglasses            50                      Binoculars, but disguised as sunglasses
IR Goggles            250
Medkit                  200
Rope                      20                      Nylon, per 50 ft. 

Vehicles are a bit more complicated. Given their cost, I'm not sure how I can set up starting PCs with gear. I might take a page from Skyscarapers & Sorcery and allow for a starting package.

Vehicles                 Cost    Pass   Cargo   Spd  Cnt  HP            
Scooter                      1k    1+1         0         80     +1   8
Motorcycle               4k     1+1         0       160     +2   12
CityCar                    13k    1+4        10cf   140     +0   15
Small Subcompact  10k     1+3        4cf     110    +1   12
Medium Sedan        20k    1+4        12cf    160    +0   25
Sportscar                100k    1+1        8cf     200     +3   18
Luxury Sedan           50k   1+4        15cf   160     +0   30

Squatter/Transient  Free!                   Cannot heal naturally, -2 charisma
Low                        100/month          Heal naturally at half rate
Medium                  500/month
High                      1,000/month        +1 hp healed/day
Luxury                  2,000/month+      +2 healed/day, +1 to charisma



  1. Heya DM Wieg,
    Still here, and liking what I see. You've made some very interesting design choices - some pretty similar to what I envision, others different. It's definitely interesting to see how we're interpreting much of the same material, both CP and SR sources, and from other games.
    I can totally see where you are coming from re: gun/gear porn, and am pretty much on the same page as far as distilling down the weapon lists to a much more reasonable quantity and variety. You've stuck to all d6 damage (per WB) which I don't like. One of the things that pushes me towards a B/X base, since I started there with variable damage dice.
    Some things that jump out at me:
    A handful of things cause "stun" - not defined though. What's the effect?
    Burst fire is inconsistent between Med and Hvy weapons, but same modifiers.
    I like the ammo type multipliers, and the weapon upgrades. Very well done. But it seems like the added complication of ammo by weapon type, different box sizes, etc is excessive for WB.
    It might have been a grind to get through, but I like it.

    1. It certainly was a grind!
      -The effects of stun are listed under tasers. I copy/pasted it for the stun baton and added the effects of the flash-bang grenade in the notes section.

      I unified the mechanics for burst fire. I ended up going with the heavy version for both.

      The ammo types both come from White Lies and Skyscrapers & Sorcery. I changed the modifiers a little bit, but both of those books manage to throw in ammo types without it becoming too weighty.

      As for d6 damage, that too comes from White Box, White Lies, and S&S. I used to be big into variable dice damage, but I'm feeling the d6 only lately and I'm going to give it a try.

  2. Sorry - should have been more clear.
    "+A target hit by a taser takes 1 point of damage and must make a saving throw or be stunned for 1d6 rounds." but you don't say what the effects of being stunned actually are. Automatic loss of initiative? Penalties to attacks, saves, etc? Decreased or loss of movement?
    Burst fire looks cleaner now. 3 rounds seems pretty standard. I might limit full-auto to heavy weapons though.

    1. I was going to explain the effects of stun, etc in the "Adventuring" chapter, but maybe it could do with a quick write-up here.

      I like your idea about full auto only for heavy weapons. I'll probably make that change here in a few minutes.

    2. Nah - it probably belongs there in the combat section. That'll work.

    3. Nah - it probably belongs there in the combat section. That'll work.