Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Procrastination and a Treasure Trove

So, I didn't finish the bestiary for White Box Cyberpunk. I'm still working, but end-of-the-school-year and job-switching things took precedence.

On an unrelated note, our school's librarian managed to get his mitts on a box of things being donated to my city's public library system. (He has connections in all layers of the unseemly library underworld) He rescued some things the library had planned to chuck, and he gave them to me. This treasure trove includes:

*A copy of the AD&D 1st edition PHB (demon idol cover.) Granted, I already have four other copies (including two other demon idol cover prints), another is always welcome. If I ever get another AD&D 1st edition campaign running, I'll probably have enough PHBs for everyone at the table to have one.

*The AD&D 1st edition DM Screen...well, half of it. I got the panel with the PHB demon idol on one side and an armored spear-wielding guy facing down a dragon on the other.

*Modules G1, G2, and G3! (The "Against the Giants" trilogy)

*Modules A1 and A3 from the "Slavers" series.

*Module T1, "The Village of Hommlet"

*Module S2, "White Plume Mountain"

*Module S3, "Expedition to the Barrier Peaks" (Which I have a copy of already, but no matter)

*The World of Greyhawk (Folder containing two maps and the gazetteer"

*A copy of blue cover Holmes Basic (which I have wanted for quite awhile now)

*Good ol' B2, "Keep on the Borderlands", which I already own.

*B4, "The Lost City"

*Finally, a curious little game called "Demons: The Game of Evil Spirits", a small pamphlet of a thing published by a company called Simulations Publications, Inc in 1979. It appears to be a rule book separated from any playing pieces or board that might be required. Still, it might be worth a look through to get ideas for the various alternate magic systems that tumble incomplete through my head.

My Savage Worlds game continues this Friday, with the party finally poised to track the Spring Heeled Jacks to their final hiding place and end their menace once and for all.

As an aside, I suppose I can understand the library's decision not to carry old ass D&D stuff, although I don't think the library carries any D&D books anymore. This was not the case in the early 90's... hell, that's where I first read through a lot of the old AD&D books... I used to check out the DMG, Oriental Adventures, and Holmes' "Fantasy Role-Playing Games" regularly during my youth... and more than one or two of my old second-hand AD&D books have public library stamps on them from days of yore. Unfortunate.

One last personal note- it seems that the Engines & Empires game I used to play on Sundays (with the author of E&E, no less) is winding down. I have been given an open invitation to the next campaign that he starts and I may very well take that up, depending on how my summer begins to unfold. I learned that my character, Henrik Iverssen, has been living in the dwarf castle where I left him for three game years and is apparently kind of a big deal there. He's also (possibly) married to a gnome alchemist he used to work with back when I was an active participant in the game.

This week I will attempt to just sit down and bang out that bestiary. Cheers.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

White Box vs. Black

Last night I downloaded Cyber-Hacked!, a cyberpunk sourcebook for The Black Hack. While not 100% compatible with White Box or my own sensibilities, it gave me a few things to think about:

1. More bestiary ideas
2. Vindicated my very short list of cyberware with its own very short list of fairly similar cyberware
3. Made me rethink hacking, though I'm not quite read to abandon my present neuromancer concept. It suffers from the "hacking as mini-game" problem that Shadowrun and Cyberpunk 2020 suffered from, but on a much smaller scale. It does, however, allow anyone to attempt hacking.

Definitely worth the two bucks to take a look at it.

My goal is to finish the bestiary this weekend, though I must attend a graduation, so we'll see. 

Monday, May 16, 2016

OneDice Urban Fantasy: The Road

Disclaimer: Stolen from several sources.

The Road is a strange space between the mortal world and the various outer realms. The Road is a reflection of the mortal world, but stained by emotions, events, and locations of magic. A place where great violence took place might have ethereal bloodstains, bullet holes, or even phantom corpses long after the original crime scene vanished. A place devastated by economic ruin might appear run down, dilapidated and desolate.

Any supernatural character can step onto the Road by concentrating for a moment and making a TN 3 Magic test. The character can step off the Road with a similar roll. In areas that are magically heavy or mystical in nature, the TN might be lower or even automatic. Similarly, supernatural dead zones might require a higher TN, or the Road may simply be inaccessible ... or perhaps not even exist in that locale.

Creatures on the Road are invisible to mortals. Supernaturals can peer onto the Road with a TN 3 Perception roll (characters with The Sight can do this automatically) While doing so, they see the real world with the Road partially imposed on it, and can see creatures on the Road clearly enough to identify them. However, opening one's perception to the Road allows creatures on the Road to see the observer clearly as well. Ordinarily individuals in the real world appear as blurry, shadowy outlines. No physical interaction is possible between individuals on and off the Road; they will simply pass through one another as if they weren't there.

While the Road exists as the nexus between various realms, modern supernaturals have embraced it as a means to covertly go about their business. Inhuman creatures can hide indefinitely on the Road without drawing attention to themselves. Combat, goblin markets, and all manner of things best not seen my mortal eyes also happen on the Road.

Ordinary electronics do not occur on the Road; cameras, phones, GPS, and the like simply glitch out. However, some shady mortal organizations have developed goggles and similar devices that allow mundane operatives to peer onto the Road. Rumor has it that some of these organizations are working on ammunition that can be fired onto the Road, devices that allow humans to step onto the Road, and even stranger gadgets. 

Fighters, Weapons, and Kicking the Can

Aight, so... I am working on the White Box Cyberpunk Bestiary, but I find i to be as much of a grind as the gear chapter. (Maybe I'm just not suited to put games together)

In the meantime, I read a really good idea about OSR weapon skills over here - and did I mention that TotG&D is one of my favorite blogs? So much good stuff.

I've long been a fan of the Lamentations task resolution system, and this fits in nicely. I would probably use different categories/weapon assignments, but I'm a ditherer by nature.

Yes, I meant ditherer and not tinkerer. 

Thursday, May 12, 2016

White Box Cyberpunk Bestiary - First Look

 I am presently writing up stats for my WBCP Bestiary, but I'm having trouble thinking of entries. Here's what I have so far. Most of them are statted out to some degree.

Black Hounds- Genetically modified dogs (or other animals) used as security      
Choppers- Murderous thieves who use specialized tools to rip implants out of people to sell on the black market.

Consumer- Average citizens

CorpSec Guard-  Privately trained security forces loyal to a particular corp.

Cyber-Ninja- Heavily modified and conditioned deniable assets used as assassins and bodyguards. Most are in danger of becoming cyber-zombies.

Cyber-Zombie- Someone with Stage III Cyber-Psychosis. In other words, heavily-cybered berserkers.

Drone, Buzzer- Helicopter-style drones

Drone, Spider - crawling drones.

Ganger- Low HD muscle

Ganger Chief- High HD muscle

Ganger Lieutenant- Medium HD muscle

PrivaCop- Cannon fodder.

Thoughts? Suggestions? I feel like it's a bit sparse, but at the same time there aren't a lot of "monsters" in the cyberpunk world. (Well, there are, but they're monsters of a human sort.) I expect that the bestiary in the Shadowrun-esque material I plan to throw out next will be a bit more beefy.

I plan to publish the stat blocks in the next couple of days, along with any other entries I come up with  or that are suggested to me.

Solo- Elite operatives, specially trained.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

More 1DUF Characters!

Terrance (TJ)
Strong 2  Clever 2  Quick 2 Magic 0
Health:  6  Defense:  6 (9)   Magical Defense: 0   Movement: 20
Skills: Bruiser 1, Driving 1, Investigation 1, Perception 1, Shooting 1, Sneaky 1
Gifts: None
Weaknesses: None
Gear: handgun (dmg 2), clip of sliver-tipped ammo, clip of iron-tipped ammo, wooden stake, leather jacket (+1 armor), concealed vest (+2 armor), silver-lined handcuffs, phone, radio
Background: TJ Grant is a former police officer who discovered the existence of vampires one night when he responded to what he thought was just a mugging. As the vampire was about to dispose of him, he was rescued by Cordell (see previous posts). After being unable to explain the events that occurred in the alley, TJ was placed on administrative leave. He began investigating the supernatural on his own. After uncovering a local gang that was dealing on vampire blood-laced drugs, the Shadow Council recruited him as one of their rare human agents.

Ollie (Selkie-kin)
Strong 2 Clever 2 Quick 1 Magic 1
Health: 6  Defense: 6  Magical Defense: 3  Movement 10
Skills:  Dodgy 1, Negotiate 2, Swimming 3, Survival 1, Trade 1
Gifts: Breathe Underwater, Long-lived
Weaknesses: None
Gear: shabby clothes, surfboard, pocket change
Background: Ollie has always been a beach bum at heart. Unable and unwilling to hold down a regular job, Ollie operates concession stands, hunts for coins with a metal detector, and sells junk.
As a fairly low-profile member of the supernatural community, Ollie is privy to lots of goings on and gossip. While not really an agent of the Shadow Council, they often barter with him for information.

OneDice Urban Fantasy: New Natural Gifts

*Acute Sense- Select one sense from sight, hearing, and smell. The character has that sense at a preternatural level. Characters with acute sight can see twice as far and can see tiny details and textures, acute smell can track prey by sent, acute hearing can hear well above the human spectrum. The character gets a +2 to all Perception/Tracking rolls involving that scent. Werebeasts are assumed to have this gift while in their beast forms.

*Empathic Manipulation- With a Magic vs. Clever check, a character with this gift can instill a given emotion in the target, intensify an emotion the target is already feeling, or dull the intensity of the target's current emotion. The target will not be aware of the source of the manipulation unless they have The Sight or a similar ability. Supernatural beings can resist with Magic instead of Clever.

*Face Stealer- With a TN 3 Magic check, the character can take on the physical appearance of anyone they have personally seen (no pictures) in the last 24 hours. This ability can only mimic specific individuals. The target still perceives the face stealer as they actually appear, but to everyone else, the character appears to be the victim. People who know the individual can see through the disguise with a TN6 notice check. The disguise is merely a psychic trick, not an actual physiological change.

*Glamour- With a TN 3 Magic check, the character can alter their appearance. They can change height by up to 12", hair color, eye color, ethnicity, and build. These changes are illusionary, the character does not change physically. Glamour cannot disguise themselves as a specific individual and any attempt to do so simply comes off as a similarity. Overtly monstrous looking creatures can appear as ordinary humans with this gift.

*Illusions- The character can project illusions within a range of 20.  These illusions can be both visual and aural. The

*Regeneration- The character heals at a much faster rate than others. A character with regeneration heals at triple the normal rate. However, injuries sustained from a Vulnerability still heal at the normal rate. Characters with regeneration must also ingest double the normal amount of food per day.

OneDice Urban Fantasy: Revised New Supernatural Gifts

I don't know why I can't stop messing with this system, but I can't.

First, a revision to my vampire and demon-blooded gifts.

Although matings between demons and humans is almost unheard of in the modern era, the descendants of such pairings often exhibit some of the infernal nature of their fell ancestor. Demonic blood is erratic, skipping generations without any discernible pattern. Select two Demonic Gifts and one Demonic Weakness.

Demonic Gifts

Charm- With a Magic vs. Magic check, the demon-blooded can entrance a target within range 20. For the next 1d6 hours, this individual considers the demon-blooded to be their romantic or sexual ideal. This spell cannot force an individual to change orientation, but in such case they regard the demon-blooded as a dear friend. The charm is broken if the demon-blooded does anything overtly hostile to the target.
Demon Form- The demon-blooded is able to manifest a demonic visage and natural weapons such as horns, a spiked tail, or claws. These inflict damage 3. The demon-blooded also receives +2 to intimidate. Assuming this form requires a TN 3  Magic check, lasts for Magic x 10 minutes and can be done a number of times per day equal to the character's Magic score.
Long-Lived- As the fae ability of the same name.
Nightmare Sending- The demon-blooded can fill the mind of a sleeping or unconscious individual with horrific nightmares. The demon-blooded must be within range 20 and makes a Magic vs. Magic check to affect the individual. Upon waking, the target is not treated as having slept at all and suffers fatigue, giving them -1 to physical tasks and -2 to mental tasks until they get 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. This power can only be used on one victim per day.
Sorcery- The demon-blooded can learn Sorcery spells. They cannot use any other types of spells.
Stronger- As the natural gift of the same name.
Unearthly Beauty- As the fae gift of the same name.

Demonic Weaknesses
Ban: As the fae weakness of the same name. Demon-blooded tend to have bans against holy ground/holy objects or magical seals.
Compulsion: Demon-blooded often suffer from powerful desires. A demon-blooded descended from an incubus might need to satiate carnal needs on a regular basis, while others might yearn to collect wealth, inflict physical or psychological torment, or even worse. A demon-blooded can ignore this compulsion for a number of days equal to  their Strong score. After that, for every day they fail to fulfill their need, they suffer a cumulative -1 penalty to all rolls.
Unnerving to Animals: Animals are spooked by the character. The demon-blooded suffers -2 to any roll involving calming, riding, training, or otherwise interacting with any animal. Animals are more likely to attack the character over others. Shapeshifted characters are not affected by this weakness.
Vulnerability: As the fae ability of the same name. Demon-blooded tend to have vulnerabilities to blessed/holy items or cold iron.

Vampires are sentient undead who feed on the blood of the living. Every vampire was once a mundane human until they were drained of blood and transformed by another vampire. Vampires don't eat, drink, or require normal food. They tend to be sluggish during the day and often slumber through it. Vampires who reach 0 Health are rendered unconscious, but will not die unless destroyed by one of their vulnerabilities.

Vampires automatically start with the following gifts: Dark Vision, Dominate, Quicker, and Stronger. They may also select one more gift from the list of vampire gifts below. A vampire must also take all vampire weaknesses.

Vampire Gifts
Necromancy- The vampire can learn and use Necromancy spells.
Shapeshifting- As the fae ability, but vampires can only shift into a bat, rat, wolf, or cloud of mist.
Sorcery- The vampire can learn and use Sorcery spells.
Spider Climb- As the natural gift of the same name.

Vampire Weaknesses
Achilles Heel  (Stakes): A wooden stake through the heart will instantly destroy a vampire. In combat, an attacker treats the vampire as being +4 defense. 

Ban (Sunlight):Sunlight doesn't actually destroy vampires, but it weakens and terrifies them.
Dependency (Human Blood):Note that only mundane human blood nourishes a vampire.
Vulnerability (Silver, Holy Water)

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

White Box Cyberpunk Work Continues

Despite my dalliances into the world of OneDice Urban Fantasy, I have been working on White Box Cyberpunk. Currently I'm writing the bestiary, though work is slow.

One I finish this, I have plans to create a "Cyberpunk Fantasy" supplement for those who feel the Shadowrun itch, but all of the material will be add-on. Right now I'm thinking a mage and an adept class and adding both the "traditional" races and some other playable fantasy creatures. I'm getting ahead of myself though; there remains some work to be done on the "vanilla" cyberpunk.

The end of the school year can be a bit hectic for teachers as well as students. After next week, I'll have more time and cognitive capacity to devote to this.

...until summer school starts.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

More OneDice Urban Fantasy Characters

Cordell (Giant-kin)
Strong  5  Clever 1  Quick 3 Magic 1
Health: 15  Defense: 15   Magical Defense: 3   Movement: 30
Skills: Bruiser 2, Climb 1, Dodgy 1, Intimidate 2
Gifts:  Quicker, Stronger
Weaknesses: None
Gear: Baseball bat (dmg 2), bottle of sedatives
Background: Cordell Roark has always been strong. Coming from the rural Midwest, Cordell found himself unable to do much in life but physical labor. Prone to bouts of anger, he traveled the Midwest as a migrant ranch hand. Discovered by a sorceress in a roadside diner, Cordell was charmed into serving as her slave for a time. She met her end in San Fransisco, and the newly freed Cordell was recruited by the Shadow Council. Although he's a bit of a blunt object, he nonetheless has his uses.

Anise (Shapeshifter)
 Strong 1 (0)  Clever 2  Quick 2  Magic 1
Health: 3  Defense: 6 (9)  Magical Defense: 3  Movement: 20 (30 Flying)
Skills: Computers 1, Investigation 1, Lore 1, Occult Lore 2, Perception 1 (3)
Gifts: Shapeshifting (Owl), Speak With Animals
Weaknesses: None
Gear: glasses, tablet, woven shoulder bag, rabbit's foot, dagger (dmg 2), cell phone with slideout keyboard
Background: Originally hailing from the northeast, Anise always felt a kinship with animals. She discovered her talent for shapeshifting during her adolescence, wisely deciding to hide it. She went to UC Berkely for college, majoring in literature with an emphasis in comparative folklore. While in Berkely, she discovered a supernatural community. After graduation, she traveled to San Francisco to work for the Shadow Council as an archivist. She was recently promoted to field agent, much to her chagrin. 

Frederico (Wizard)
Strong 1 Clever 2 Quick 1  Magic 2
Health: 3  Defense: 3  Magical Defense: 6  Movement: 10
Skills: Language (Latin) 1, Language (Spanish) 1, Lore 1, Occult Lore 2,  Research 1
Gifts: Magical Heritage (Necromancy - Aptitude   Wizardry- Gift)
Weaknesses: None
Gear: Finely-tailored suit, laptop, briefcase containing spellbook, smart phone 
Spells:  Wizardry-  Magic Bolt, Open, Wizard Glare     Necromancy- Speak With Dead
Background: Frederico Cavallero comes from a long line of wizards going back to medieval Spain. His family came to the United States a century ago and wasted no time becoming a pillar of the supernatural community. Unbeknownst to most, Frederico dabbles in the arts of necromancy.. the very thing that nearly resulted in his family's extinction during the Inquisition. 

Teegan (Fae-blooded)
Strong 1  Clever 1  Quick 1  Magic 3
Health: 3  Defense: 3  Magical Defense: 9  Movement: 10
Skills: Bow 1, Craft (woodworking) 1, Entertainer (singing) 1, Language (Gaelic) 1, Occult Lore 1, Sneaky 1
Gifts:  Fae Magic, The Sight
Weaknesses: Gremlin
Gear: small backpack filled with strange odds and ends
Spells: Confuse, Fear, Ingratiate, Open, Paralyze, Sap
Background: Teegan McCormac was always a bit of an eccentric. Growing up in Boston, she was home schooled and kept sheltered away from the harsh realities of life by her grandmother. The blood of the Fae is strong in the McCormac family, and has been since they left the old world in the late 19th century. After her grandmother passed away, Teegan traveled to the West Coast after having a strange dream urging her to do so. The Shadow Council eagerly accepted her petition to work for them, given her prodigious magical talents. She often frustrates her mentors within the Council.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

OneDice: Reneging Some Criticisms and a Few PCs

I started revising my revisions to OneDice; some of my math solutions create more problems.  I have also decided for the one shot I'm running at KantCon this summer, I'm going to use the rules-as-written (with the exception of having a vampire and demon-blooded PC among the pre-gens) I'll be going back to the previous posts and tweaking some things, but I'll not be making new posts about them.

Here are the four pre-gens for my Kantcon module, "Djinn and Tonics."

Lisa (Werewolf)
Strong 2 (4)  Clever 1      Quick 2 (5)  Magic 1
Health: 6 (11)   Defense: 6/7 (9) Magical Defense: 3  Movement: 20 (50)
Skills: Bruiser 1 (2), Shooting 1, Intimidate 1, Medicine 1, Perception 1(3),  Sneaky 1, (Track 2)
Gifts: Werewolf (Stats in parenthesis are for werewolf form)
Weaknesses: Lunacy, Vulnerability (Silver)
Gear: Big damn revolver (dmg 4, rng 10), biker leathers (armor 1), pack of smokes, flick lighter, sling bag containing duct tape, a change of clothes, and a first-aid kit 

Background: A former US Army combat medic, Lisa Matthews was injured in Afghanistan and honorably discharged. On her return to the states, she worked as a ranch hand in rural California...until one fateful night when she had a run-in with a werewolf. After her first change, she was discovered naked and in shock by Powell, who took her to San Francisco and presented her to the Shadow Council. Lisa now serves as muscle for the Council. She hates what she is, but she's glad to be doing something good with it. 

Powell (Druid)
Strong 1     Clever 2   Quick 1  Magic 2
Health: 3    Defense: 6  Magical Defense 6   Movement: 10
Skills:  Lore 2, Medicine 1, Occult Lore 2, Survival 1
Gifts: Magical Heritage (Druidic Magic- Gift, Wizardry- Aptitude)
Weaknesses: None
Gear: carved walking stick (dmg 2), satchel containing medicinal herbs and magical supplies, bird seed and nuts, matches
Spells: Druidic- Attune, Entangle, Summon Animal   Wizardry- Conjure 

Background: Nobody knows if it's his first name or his last name, but Powell has been around a long time in the supernatural community. He drops in and out, going on long sabbaticals into the countryside and down the highways. Some on the Council consider him an unreliable eccentric. His dislike of vampires and demon-blooded can make him difficult to work with, but his knowledge and knack for solving mysteries makes him an asset.

Lulu (Vampire)
Strong 4  Clever 1  Quick 4  Magic 1
Health: 12  Defense: 12 Movement: 20
Skills:  Lockpicking 1, Melee 1, Sneaky 2, Dodgy 2
Gifts: Dark Vision, Dominate, Spider Climb, Vampire Strength, Vampire Quickness
Weaknesses: Ban (Consecrated Ground), Dependence (Human blood), Vulnerability (Sunlight), Vulnerability (Wooden Stake)
Gear: pair of .38 revolvers (dmg 2 or dmg 4 w/-2 to hit, rng 10), pair of butterfly knives (2 dmg), lock picks

Background: Luz Vargas-Ayon grew up in a bad neighborhood. She developed into a scrapper and a survivor, until one night she broke into the wrong place and ran afoul of a vampire. She wasn't particularly cautious about her feeding habits or the use of her powers until she was apprehended by the Shadow Council and offered a choice: serve them to make up for her indiscretions or get staked. She grudgingly opted for the former. While she doesn't always do things by the book, she has a reputation for getting things done.

Von (Demon-blooded)
Strong 1  Clever 2  Quick 1  Magic 2
Health: 3   Defense: 3 Movement: 10
Skills: Negotiating 2, Shooting 1, Investigation 1, Persuasion 2
Gifts: Dark Magic (Sorcery Aptitude), Unearthly Beauty
Weaknesses: Vulnerability (Cold Iron)
Gear: 9mm pistol (dmg 3 rng 10), Samsung Galaxy Note, expensive watch, dagger (dmg 2, rng 2)
Spells: Fear, Ingratiate, Paralyze, Sap 

Background: Trevon Allen has always had a knack for deals and for dealing with people. He went to UCLA on an academic scholarship majoring in Business. He started off as an investment banker, eventually moving into Public Relations.  It was here he was recognized by one of the executives as a demon-blooded, and was recruited into the service of the Council on a part-time basis. Von has proven to be a valuable agent, specializing in negotiating on the business side of the supernatural community.

Monday, May 2, 2016

OneDice Urban Fantasy Revisions Fiinal Post: Alchemy and Artificing

Alchemy and Artificing are two ancient arts that involve the creation of magical items. Both skills are linked to Magic or Clever, but a character must have Magic 1+ in order to learn either art.

Alchemy is the art of creating potions, elixirs, and similar things. Use the chart for the free-form spells in the main rule book to determine the TN for the potion. The time, cost, and ingredients will depend on the potion and its effects.

A character can create a number of potions per week equal to their Magic score. Potions generally last one week before spoiling.

What alchemy can do: transmute substances, improve or weaken the body, accelerate healing, explode, corrode, render invisible, render enthralled/in love, alter memories, accelerate plant growth, alter fertility, extend lifespan, etc.

What alchemy cannot do: create something from nothing, raise the dead, instantly heal wounds

Artificing is the art of creating enchanted objects, from minor charms and talismans to the fabled staff of the magi.

To figure the TN for a simple charm or talisman that has a single use, use the free form spell table. As with potions, there should be a cost and time requirement set by the GM. These items generally remain potent for up to a month. A character can create a number of charms and talismans in a month equal to their Magic score.

To figure the TN for a permanent item, consult the free-form spell chart but add 5 to the TN. Such undertakings often require aid, rituals, and special ingredients to help the caster make the TN. A character can only make a number of permanent items per decade equal to their Magic score.

What charms and talismans can do: replicate a supernatural power, protect against a specific type of supernatural or monster, provide minor good or bad luck, induce a mild to moderate compulsion, temporarily boost an ability score by 1 point, provide a defense bonus, protect against mind control or charms, etc.

Permanent magical items can do nearly anything with one limit: no instantaneous healing, and no resurrection. In addition, all permanent magical items carry some kind of restriction: limited uses per day/month/year, draining Health that cannot be healed except by rest, requiring specific times/places to operate, etc.

Now, with that out of the way, I can get back to White Box Cyberpunk.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

White Box Cyberpunk Checklist

Work continues on my White Box Cyberpunk hack. This is a little checklist of what I've got done and what I still want to do.

If I had more ambition/know-how/layout skillz, I'd consider making this into a PDF and selling on DriveThru as PWYW or a buck or whatever. This would be the layout:

Chapter 1: The Cyberpunk Future - Haven't even written a word 
Chapter 2: Character Creation- Not started. Rolling up stats, stat bonuses, etc. 
Chapter 3: Character Classes- Done.
Chapter 4: Equipment and Gear- Done.
Chapter 5: Neuromancer Programs- Done and done. 
Chapter 6: Combat- Done.
Chapter 7: Operations and Playing the Game- This will be the chapter detailing common tasks (which I posted already), hazards, etc.
Chapter 8: Antagonists- Not started. My plan is to just stat up a little bestiary of thugs, corporate security guards, etc.

I now consider myself about halfway done with the project. Yes, it's simplistic as far as cyberpunk games go, but I'm all about that White Box life.