Wednesday, May 11, 2016

More 1DUF Characters!

Terrance (TJ)
Strong 2  Clever 2  Quick 2 Magic 0
Health:  6  Defense:  6 (9)   Magical Defense: 0   Movement: 20
Skills: Bruiser 1, Driving 1, Investigation 1, Perception 1, Shooting 1, Sneaky 1
Gifts: None
Weaknesses: None
Gear: handgun (dmg 2), clip of sliver-tipped ammo, clip of iron-tipped ammo, wooden stake, leather jacket (+1 armor), concealed vest (+2 armor), silver-lined handcuffs, phone, radio
Background: TJ Grant is a former police officer who discovered the existence of vampires one night when he responded to what he thought was just a mugging. As the vampire was about to dispose of him, he was rescued by Cordell (see previous posts). After being unable to explain the events that occurred in the alley, TJ was placed on administrative leave. He began investigating the supernatural on his own. After uncovering a local gang that was dealing on vampire blood-laced drugs, the Shadow Council recruited him as one of their rare human agents.

Ollie (Selkie-kin)
Strong 2 Clever 2 Quick 1 Magic 1
Health: 6  Defense: 6  Magical Defense: 3  Movement 10
Skills:  Dodgy 1, Negotiate 2, Swimming 3, Survival 1, Trade 1
Gifts: Breathe Underwater, Long-lived
Weaknesses: None
Gear: shabby clothes, surfboard, pocket change
Background: Ollie has always been a beach bum at heart. Unable and unwilling to hold down a regular job, Ollie operates concession stands, hunts for coins with a metal detector, and sells junk.
As a fairly low-profile member of the supernatural community, Ollie is privy to lots of goings on and gossip. While not really an agent of the Shadow Council, they often barter with him for information.

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