Thursday, May 5, 2016

More OneDice Urban Fantasy Characters

Cordell (Giant-kin)
Strong  5  Clever 1  Quick 3 Magic 1
Health: 15  Defense: 15   Magical Defense: 3   Movement: 30
Skills: Bruiser 2, Climb 1, Dodgy 1, Intimidate 2
Gifts:  Quicker, Stronger
Weaknesses: None
Gear: Baseball bat (dmg 2), bottle of sedatives
Background: Cordell Roark has always been strong. Coming from the rural Midwest, Cordell found himself unable to do much in life but physical labor. Prone to bouts of anger, he traveled the Midwest as a migrant ranch hand. Discovered by a sorceress in a roadside diner, Cordell was charmed into serving as her slave for a time. She met her end in San Fransisco, and the newly freed Cordell was recruited by the Shadow Council. Although he's a bit of a blunt object, he nonetheless has his uses.

Anise (Shapeshifter)
 Strong 1 (0)  Clever 2  Quick 2  Magic 1
Health: 3  Defense: 6 (9)  Magical Defense: 3  Movement: 20 (30 Flying)
Skills: Computers 1, Investigation 1, Lore 1, Occult Lore 2, Perception 1 (3)
Gifts: Shapeshifting (Owl), Speak With Animals
Weaknesses: None
Gear: glasses, tablet, woven shoulder bag, rabbit's foot, dagger (dmg 2), cell phone with slideout keyboard
Background: Originally hailing from the northeast, Anise always felt a kinship with animals. She discovered her talent for shapeshifting during her adolescence, wisely deciding to hide it. She went to UC Berkely for college, majoring in literature with an emphasis in comparative folklore. While in Berkely, she discovered a supernatural community. After graduation, she traveled to San Francisco to work for the Shadow Council as an archivist. She was recently promoted to field agent, much to her chagrin. 

Frederico (Wizard)
Strong 1 Clever 2 Quick 1  Magic 2
Health: 3  Defense: 3  Magical Defense: 6  Movement: 10
Skills: Language (Latin) 1, Language (Spanish) 1, Lore 1, Occult Lore 2,  Research 1
Gifts: Magical Heritage (Necromancy - Aptitude   Wizardry- Gift)
Weaknesses: None
Gear: Finely-tailored suit, laptop, briefcase containing spellbook, smart phone 
Spells:  Wizardry-  Magic Bolt, Open, Wizard Glare     Necromancy- Speak With Dead
Background: Frederico Cavallero comes from a long line of wizards going back to medieval Spain. His family came to the United States a century ago and wasted no time becoming a pillar of the supernatural community. Unbeknownst to most, Frederico dabbles in the arts of necromancy.. the very thing that nearly resulted in his family's extinction during the Inquisition. 

Teegan (Fae-blooded)
Strong 1  Clever 1  Quick 1  Magic 3
Health: 3  Defense: 3  Magical Defense: 9  Movement: 10
Skills: Bow 1, Craft (woodworking) 1, Entertainer (singing) 1, Language (Gaelic) 1, Occult Lore 1, Sneaky 1
Gifts:  Fae Magic, The Sight
Weaknesses: Gremlin
Gear: small backpack filled with strange odds and ends
Spells: Confuse, Fear, Ingratiate, Open, Paralyze, Sap
Background: Teegan McCormac was always a bit of an eccentric. Growing up in Boston, she was home schooled and kept sheltered away from the harsh realities of life by her grandmother. The blood of the Fae is strong in the McCormac family, and has been since they left the old world in the late 19th century. After her grandmother passed away, Teegan traveled to the West Coast after having a strange dream urging her to do so. The Shadow Council eagerly accepted her petition to work for them, given her prodigious magical talents. She often frustrates her mentors within the Council.

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