Wednesday, May 4, 2016

OneDice: Reneging Some Criticisms and a Few PCs

I started revising my revisions to OneDice; some of my math solutions create more problems.  I have also decided for the one shot I'm running at KantCon this summer, I'm going to use the rules-as-written (with the exception of having a vampire and demon-blooded PC among the pre-gens) I'll be going back to the previous posts and tweaking some things, but I'll not be making new posts about them.

Here are the four pre-gens for my Kantcon module, "Djinn and Tonics."

Lisa (Werewolf)
Strong 2 (4)  Clever 1      Quick 2 (5)  Magic 1
Health: 6 (11)   Defense: 6/7 (9) Magical Defense: 3  Movement: 20 (50)
Skills: Bruiser 1 (2), Shooting 1, Intimidate 1, Medicine 1, Perception 1(3),  Sneaky 1, (Track 2)
Gifts: Werewolf (Stats in parenthesis are for werewolf form)
Weaknesses: Lunacy, Vulnerability (Silver)
Gear: Big damn revolver (dmg 4, rng 10), biker leathers (armor 1), pack of smokes, flick lighter, sling bag containing duct tape, a change of clothes, and a first-aid kit 

Background: A former US Army combat medic, Lisa Matthews was injured in Afghanistan and honorably discharged. On her return to the states, she worked as a ranch hand in rural California...until one fateful night when she had a run-in with a werewolf. After her first change, she was discovered naked and in shock by Powell, who took her to San Francisco and presented her to the Shadow Council. Lisa now serves as muscle for the Council. She hates what she is, but she's glad to be doing something good with it. 

Powell (Druid)
Strong 1     Clever 2   Quick 1  Magic 2
Health: 3    Defense: 6  Magical Defense 6   Movement: 10
Skills:  Lore 2, Medicine 1, Occult Lore 2, Survival 1
Gifts: Magical Heritage (Druidic Magic- Gift, Wizardry- Aptitude)
Weaknesses: None
Gear: carved walking stick (dmg 2), satchel containing medicinal herbs and magical supplies, bird seed and nuts, matches
Spells: Druidic- Attune, Entangle, Summon Animal   Wizardry- Conjure 

Background: Nobody knows if it's his first name or his last name, but Powell has been around a long time in the supernatural community. He drops in and out, going on long sabbaticals into the countryside and down the highways. Some on the Council consider him an unreliable eccentric. His dislike of vampires and demon-blooded can make him difficult to work with, but his knowledge and knack for solving mysteries makes him an asset.

Lulu (Vampire)
Strong 4  Clever 1  Quick 4  Magic 1
Health: 12  Defense: 12 Movement: 20
Skills:  Lockpicking 1, Melee 1, Sneaky 2, Dodgy 2
Gifts: Dark Vision, Dominate, Spider Climb, Vampire Strength, Vampire Quickness
Weaknesses: Ban (Consecrated Ground), Dependence (Human blood), Vulnerability (Sunlight), Vulnerability (Wooden Stake)
Gear: pair of .38 revolvers (dmg 2 or dmg 4 w/-2 to hit, rng 10), pair of butterfly knives (2 dmg), lock picks

Background: Luz Vargas-Ayon grew up in a bad neighborhood. She developed into a scrapper and a survivor, until one night she broke into the wrong place and ran afoul of a vampire. She wasn't particularly cautious about her feeding habits or the use of her powers until she was apprehended by the Shadow Council and offered a choice: serve them to make up for her indiscretions or get staked. She grudgingly opted for the former. While she doesn't always do things by the book, she has a reputation for getting things done.

Von (Demon-blooded)
Strong 1  Clever 2  Quick 1  Magic 2
Health: 3   Defense: 3 Movement: 10
Skills: Negotiating 2, Shooting 1, Investigation 1, Persuasion 2
Gifts: Dark Magic (Sorcery Aptitude), Unearthly Beauty
Weaknesses: Vulnerability (Cold Iron)
Gear: 9mm pistol (dmg 3 rng 10), Samsung Galaxy Note, expensive watch, dagger (dmg 2, rng 2)
Spells: Fear, Ingratiate, Paralyze, Sap 

Background: Trevon Allen has always had a knack for deals and for dealing with people. He went to UCLA on an academic scholarship majoring in Business. He started off as an investment banker, eventually moving into Public Relations.  It was here he was recognized by one of the executives as a demon-blooded, and was recruited into the service of the Council on a part-time basis. Von has proven to be a valuable agent, specializing in negotiating on the business side of the supernatural community.

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