Wednesday, May 11, 2016

OneDice Urban Fantasy: New Natural Gifts

*Acute Sense- Select one sense from sight, hearing, and smell. The character has that sense at a preternatural level. Characters with acute sight can see twice as far and can see tiny details and textures, acute smell can track prey by sent, acute hearing can hear well above the human spectrum. The character gets a +2 to all Perception/Tracking rolls involving that scent. Werebeasts are assumed to have this gift while in their beast forms.

*Empathic Manipulation- With a Magic vs. Clever check, a character with this gift can instill a given emotion in the target, intensify an emotion the target is already feeling, or dull the intensity of the target's current emotion. The target will not be aware of the source of the manipulation unless they have The Sight or a similar ability. Supernatural beings can resist with Magic instead of Clever.

*Face Stealer- With a TN 3 Magic check, the character can take on the physical appearance of anyone they have personally seen (no pictures) in the last 24 hours. This ability can only mimic specific individuals. The target still perceives the face stealer as they actually appear, but to everyone else, the character appears to be the victim. People who know the individual can see through the disguise with a TN6 notice check. The disguise is merely a psychic trick, not an actual physiological change.

*Glamour- With a TN 3 Magic check, the character can alter their appearance. They can change height by up to 12", hair color, eye color, ethnicity, and build. These changes are illusionary, the character does not change physically. Glamour cannot disguise themselves as a specific individual and any attempt to do so simply comes off as a similarity. Overtly monstrous looking creatures can appear as ordinary humans with this gift.

*Illusions- The character can project illusions within a range of 20.  These illusions can be both visual and aural. The

*Regeneration- The character heals at a much faster rate than others. A character with regeneration heals at triple the normal rate. However, injuries sustained from a Vulnerability still heal at the normal rate. Characters with regeneration must also ingest double the normal amount of food per day.

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