Wednesday, May 11, 2016

OneDice Urban Fantasy: Revised New Supernatural Gifts

I don't know why I can't stop messing with this system, but I can't.

First, a revision to my vampire and demon-blooded gifts.

Although matings between demons and humans is almost unheard of in the modern era, the descendants of such pairings often exhibit some of the infernal nature of their fell ancestor. Demonic blood is erratic, skipping generations without any discernible pattern. Select two Demonic Gifts and one Demonic Weakness.

Demonic Gifts

Charm- With a Magic vs. Magic check, the demon-blooded can entrance a target within range 20. For the next 1d6 hours, this individual considers the demon-blooded to be their romantic or sexual ideal. This spell cannot force an individual to change orientation, but in such case they regard the demon-blooded as a dear friend. The charm is broken if the demon-blooded does anything overtly hostile to the target.
Demon Form- The demon-blooded is able to manifest a demonic visage and natural weapons such as horns, a spiked tail, or claws. These inflict damage 3. The demon-blooded also receives +2 to intimidate. Assuming this form requires a TN 3  Magic check, lasts for Magic x 10 minutes and can be done a number of times per day equal to the character's Magic score.
Long-Lived- As the fae ability of the same name.
Nightmare Sending- The demon-blooded can fill the mind of a sleeping or unconscious individual with horrific nightmares. The demon-blooded must be within range 20 and makes a Magic vs. Magic check to affect the individual. Upon waking, the target is not treated as having slept at all and suffers fatigue, giving them -1 to physical tasks and -2 to mental tasks until they get 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. This power can only be used on one victim per day.
Sorcery- The demon-blooded can learn Sorcery spells. They cannot use any other types of spells.
Stronger- As the natural gift of the same name.
Unearthly Beauty- As the fae gift of the same name.

Demonic Weaknesses
Ban: As the fae weakness of the same name. Demon-blooded tend to have bans against holy ground/holy objects or magical seals.
Compulsion: Demon-blooded often suffer from powerful desires. A demon-blooded descended from an incubus might need to satiate carnal needs on a regular basis, while others might yearn to collect wealth, inflict physical or psychological torment, or even worse. A demon-blooded can ignore this compulsion for a number of days equal to  their Strong score. After that, for every day they fail to fulfill their need, they suffer a cumulative -1 penalty to all rolls.
Unnerving to Animals: Animals are spooked by the character. The demon-blooded suffers -2 to any roll involving calming, riding, training, or otherwise interacting with any animal. Animals are more likely to attack the character over others. Shapeshifted characters are not affected by this weakness.
Vulnerability: As the fae ability of the same name. Demon-blooded tend to have vulnerabilities to blessed/holy items or cold iron.

Vampires are sentient undead who feed on the blood of the living. Every vampire was once a mundane human until they were drained of blood and transformed by another vampire. Vampires don't eat, drink, or require normal food. They tend to be sluggish during the day and often slumber through it. Vampires who reach 0 Health are rendered unconscious, but will not die unless destroyed by one of their vulnerabilities.

Vampires automatically start with the following gifts: Dark Vision, Dominate, Quicker, and Stronger. They may also select one more gift from the list of vampire gifts below. A vampire must also take all vampire weaknesses.

Vampire Gifts
Necromancy- The vampire can learn and use Necromancy spells.
Shapeshifting- As the fae ability, but vampires can only shift into a bat, rat, wolf, or cloud of mist.
Sorcery- The vampire can learn and use Sorcery spells.
Spider Climb- As the natural gift of the same name.

Vampire Weaknesses
Achilles Heel  (Stakes): A wooden stake through the heart will instantly destroy a vampire. In combat, an attacker treats the vampire as being +4 defense. 

Ban (Sunlight):Sunlight doesn't actually destroy vampires, but it weakens and terrifies them.
Dependency (Human Blood):Note that only mundane human blood nourishes a vampire.
Vulnerability (Silver, Holy Water)

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