Monday, May 2, 2016

OneDice Urban Fantasy Revisions Fiinal Post: Alchemy and Artificing

Alchemy and Artificing are two ancient arts that involve the creation of magical items. Both skills are linked to Magic or Clever, but a character must have Magic 1+ in order to learn either art.

Alchemy is the art of creating potions, elixirs, and similar things. Use the chart for the free-form spells in the main rule book to determine the TN for the potion. The time, cost, and ingredients will depend on the potion and its effects.

A character can create a number of potions per week equal to their Magic score. Potions generally last one week before spoiling.

What alchemy can do: transmute substances, improve or weaken the body, accelerate healing, explode, corrode, render invisible, render enthralled/in love, alter memories, accelerate plant growth, alter fertility, extend lifespan, etc.

What alchemy cannot do: create something from nothing, raise the dead, instantly heal wounds

Artificing is the art of creating enchanted objects, from minor charms and talismans to the fabled staff of the magi.

To figure the TN for a simple charm or talisman that has a single use, use the free form spell table. As with potions, there should be a cost and time requirement set by the GM. These items generally remain potent for up to a month. A character can create a number of charms and talismans in a month equal to their Magic score.

To figure the TN for a permanent item, consult the free-form spell chart but add 5 to the TN. Such undertakings often require aid, rituals, and special ingredients to help the caster make the TN. A character can only make a number of permanent items per decade equal to their Magic score.

What charms and talismans can do: replicate a supernatural power, protect against a specific type of supernatural or monster, provide minor good or bad luck, induce a mild to moderate compulsion, temporarily boost an ability score by 1 point, provide a defense bonus, protect against mind control or charms, etc.

Permanent magical items can do nearly anything with one limit: no instantaneous healing, and no resurrection. In addition, all permanent magical items carry some kind of restriction: limited uses per day/month/year, draining Health that cannot be healed except by rest, requiring specific times/places to operate, etc.

Now, with that out of the way, I can get back to White Box Cyberpunk.

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