Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Procrastination and a Treasure Trove

So, I didn't finish the bestiary for White Box Cyberpunk. I'm still working, but end-of-the-school-year and job-switching things took precedence.

On an unrelated note, our school's librarian managed to get his mitts on a box of things being donated to my city's public library system. (He has connections in all layers of the unseemly library underworld) He rescued some things the library had planned to chuck, and he gave them to me. This treasure trove includes:

*A copy of the AD&D 1st edition PHB (demon idol cover.) Granted, I already have four other copies (including two other demon idol cover prints), another is always welcome. If I ever get another AD&D 1st edition campaign running, I'll probably have enough PHBs for everyone at the table to have one.

*The AD&D 1st edition DM Screen...well, half of it. I got the panel with the PHB demon idol on one side and an armored spear-wielding guy facing down a dragon on the other.

*Modules G1, G2, and G3! (The "Against the Giants" trilogy)

*Modules A1 and A3 from the "Slavers" series.

*Module T1, "The Village of Hommlet"

*Module S2, "White Plume Mountain"

*Module S3, "Expedition to the Barrier Peaks" (Which I have a copy of already, but no matter)

*The World of Greyhawk (Folder containing two maps and the gazetteer"

*A copy of blue cover Holmes Basic (which I have wanted for quite awhile now)

*Good ol' B2, "Keep on the Borderlands", which I already own.

*B4, "The Lost City"

*Finally, a curious little game called "Demons: The Game of Evil Spirits", a small pamphlet of a thing published by a company called Simulations Publications, Inc in 1979. It appears to be a rule book separated from any playing pieces or board that might be required. Still, it might be worth a look through to get ideas for the various alternate magic systems that tumble incomplete through my head.

My Savage Worlds game continues this Friday, with the party finally poised to track the Spring Heeled Jacks to their final hiding place and end their menace once and for all.

As an aside, I suppose I can understand the library's decision not to carry old ass D&D stuff, although I don't think the library carries any D&D books anymore. This was not the case in the early 90's... hell, that's where I first read through a lot of the old AD&D books... I used to check out the DMG, Oriental Adventures, and Holmes' "Fantasy Role-Playing Games" regularly during my youth... and more than one or two of my old second-hand AD&D books have public library stamps on them from days of yore. Unfortunate.

One last personal note- it seems that the Engines & Empires game I used to play on Sundays (with the author of E&E, no less) is winding down. I have been given an open invitation to the next campaign that he starts and I may very well take that up, depending on how my summer begins to unfold. I learned that my character, Henrik Iverssen, has been living in the dwarf castle where I left him for three game years and is apparently kind of a big deal there. He's also (possibly) married to a gnome alchemist he used to work with back when I was an active participant in the game.

This week I will attempt to just sit down and bang out that bestiary. Cheers.


  1. The idea of each player having their own copy of the rulebook is one thing that keeps bringing me back to the idea of running Basic Fantasy (with the dirt-cheap print-on-demand copies available through Amazon). If my players are amenable to sticking with AD&D2, though, I might grab a few extra copies of the PHB online that can afford to be less nice-looking.

    1. I must confess, Fuzzy... the main draw to everyone having a copy of the PHB is that when they start asking shit like "how much xp do I need to level?" or "what do I need to roll to turn these wights?" I can simply stare contemptuously at them until they look it up themselves. :P

    2. Is the turn undead table even in the 1e PHB?

    3. Good point; it is for 2e (actually, an obnoxious amount of combat tables and paragraphs are copy-pasted in both the 2e PHB and DMG), but not in 1e. I actually like this idea, since the players would by definition have to be less focused on numeric chances.

    4. know, I think it might NOT be in the 1e PHB now that I think about it.