Thursday, May 12, 2016

White Box Cyberpunk Bestiary - First Look

 I am presently writing up stats for my WBCP Bestiary, but I'm having trouble thinking of entries. Here's what I have so far. Most of them are statted out to some degree.

Black Hounds- Genetically modified dogs (or other animals) used as security      
Choppers- Murderous thieves who use specialized tools to rip implants out of people to sell on the black market.

Consumer- Average citizens

CorpSec Guard-  Privately trained security forces loyal to a particular corp.

Cyber-Ninja- Heavily modified and conditioned deniable assets used as assassins and bodyguards. Most are in danger of becoming cyber-zombies.

Cyber-Zombie- Someone with Stage III Cyber-Psychosis. In other words, heavily-cybered berserkers.

Drone, Buzzer- Helicopter-style drones

Drone, Spider - crawling drones.

Ganger- Low HD muscle

Ganger Chief- High HD muscle

Ganger Lieutenant- Medium HD muscle

PrivaCop- Cannon fodder.

Thoughts? Suggestions? I feel like it's a bit sparse, but at the same time there aren't a lot of "monsters" in the cyberpunk world. (Well, there are, but they're monsters of a human sort.) I expect that the bestiary in the Shadowrun-esque material I plan to throw out next will be a bit more beefy.

I plan to publish the stat blocks in the next couple of days, along with any other entries I come up with  or that are suggested to me.

Solo- Elite operatives, specially trained.


  1. You're absolutely right - in a base CP, non-Shadowrun game, there isn't too much to cover. I suppose you could include more natural animals - wolves, lions, tigers, bears, etc. Military types, in addition to cops and CorpSec - soldiers, mercenaries, and so on. NPC hackers and other classed opponents. Corporate experts - doctors, scientists and so on for extraction missions.
    I'd look at a system that lets you tweak the stock adversaries with cyberwear - adding the old asterisk notation to the HD for extra XP?

  2. Poppers - swarms of mobile robots equivalent to self-guided, self-activated hand grenades, used for "clean-up".

    Yardbirds - quasi-lobotomised penal soldiers implanted with behaviour-modifier chips and used primarily for overseas military operations.

    SRMs - dog and cat-sized rogue Von Neumann machines which aggressively scavenge raw components, including cybernetic implants, in order to construct more SRMs.

    Skin-jobs - cutting-edge prototype human-imitating androids, the degree of uncanny valley effect varies.

    Prossies - down-and-out war vets fixed up from horrible injuries with mismatched, low-grade prosthetics; usually desperate for cash.

  3. Reese- Splendid idea regarding the old "asterisk" system.

    Anon- Consider quite a few of those snagged!

  4. Cybernetically-enhanced animals, think cyber-guard dogs and the like. Maybe stronger military versions (cyber-tigers?).

    All kinds of chimera-like genetically-engineered creatures. Maybe human hybrids, centaurs and the like.

    If your universe has a human presence in space, genetically-engineered people adapted to 0G. Think people with four arms and no legs, for example.

    The French comics series _Carmen Mc Callum_ and _Travis_ are full of ideas; not sure if they have been translated to other languages.

    1. Very cool, Arnaud. I'll definitely be using some of these ideas.

      I actually hadn't thought about space. I'm trying to keep it setting-less the way older D&D tended to be. I'll still throw some space-related stuff into the mix and people can use or ignore at will.