Sunday, May 1, 2016

White Box Cyberpunk Checklist

Work continues on my White Box Cyberpunk hack. This is a little checklist of what I've got done and what I still want to do.

If I had more ambition/know-how/layout skillz, I'd consider making this into a PDF and selling on DriveThru as PWYW or a buck or whatever. This would be the layout:

Chapter 1: The Cyberpunk Future - Haven't even written a word 
Chapter 2: Character Creation- Not started. Rolling up stats, stat bonuses, etc. 
Chapter 3: Character Classes- Done.
Chapter 4: Equipment and Gear- Done.
Chapter 5: Neuromancer Programs- Done and done. 
Chapter 6: Combat- Done.
Chapter 7: Operations and Playing the Game- This will be the chapter detailing common tasks (which I posted already), hazards, etc.
Chapter 8: Antagonists- Not started. My plan is to just stat up a little bestiary of thugs, corporate security guards, etc.

I now consider myself about halfway done with the project. Yes, it's simplistic as far as cyberpunk games go, but I'm all about that White Box life.

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