Tuesday, May 10, 2016

White Box Cyberpunk Work Continues

Despite my dalliances into the world of OneDice Urban Fantasy, I have been working on White Box Cyberpunk. Currently I'm writing the bestiary, though work is slow.

One I finish this, I have plans to create a "Cyberpunk Fantasy" supplement for those who feel the Shadowrun itch, but all of the material will be add-on. Right now I'm thinking a mage and an adept class and adding both the "traditional" races and some other playable fantasy creatures. I'm getting ahead of myself though; there remains some work to be done on the "vanilla" cyberpunk.

The end of the school year can be a bit hectic for teachers as well as students. After next week, I'll have more time and cognitive capacity to devote to this.

...until summer school starts.

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  1. Heya Wieg, Real post/question here, if you ever see this. I'm assuming, 2 years past, that the WB Cyberpunk project never went much further, but I'd be interested in seeing whatever you did finish. Is it all gathered in one place somewhere? Willing to share? I still love the idea of a S&W based cyberpunk and/or shadowrun someday, and occasionally poke at the idea myself. Starting really simple with Tenkar's S&W Light most recently. Thanks chummer.