Wednesday, June 15, 2016

A Blank Stare

Pretty much not working on the bestiary until I'm no longer working 11 hours a day Monday through Friday. Luckily, this grind ends on June 28th. Right now my routine is get up, go to work, go home, shovel food into my mouth, play video games/, go to bed. Sure, there are variations, but that's pretty much my day to day.

I will jump in with this, though:

I ran into John, the GM of the Engines & Empires game I played in last year. (And I may have mentioned this five or six times, but he's also the author of E&E.) He's currently running Beyond the Wall, and from his description alone I downloaded it (and ordered a print copy because it's got a beautiful cover and very evocative art)




The magic system is very much something I've been hoping for to replace the Vancian system. The flavor is one that I've wanted to try out for some time. Though I haven't quite finished reading it, it encroaches on LotF for my favorite OSR rule set variation.

Meanwhile, my Thousand Dead Babies and Ruins & Ronin games have picked up a player each, leaving only one space in each game. There aren't a lot of events going on Sunday, so I'm considering running a fifth game.

And now, back to my Sisyphean grind.

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