Sunday, June 19, 2016

Even More OneDice Urban Fantasy Characters

More folks you might find when cruising the supernatural community of San Francisco.

Bimal (Naga-kin)

Strong 1 (0)  Clever 3  Quick 3 (4)   Magic 1
Health: 3  Defense: 6  Magic Defense: 9 (12) Movement: 30 (40)
Skills: Dodgy 1, Computer 2, Language 1 [English],  Negotiation 2, (Perception 1)
Gifts: Quicker, Shapeshifting (snake)
Weaknesses: None
Gear: High-end smart phone, laptop bag containing high-end laptop, clothing barely considered business casual

Background: Bimal Atwal grew up an only child in a strict household. Many things about his life were determined by his parents from an early age, primarily that he would attend college and become a computer software engineer like his father. Unfortunately for his parents, Bimal possessed little desire for hard work; his talents were in faking it, bluffing, and cheating. Bimal sleazed his way through college, taking a middling position in a middling firm where he could coast under the radar while plying his preferred trade: information brokering.  Bimal was caught snooping by the Shadow Council. The next day he found himself sitting in Von's office, facing an interesting dilemma: turn his talents toward the bidding of the Shadow Council, or find himself in trouble with both his mundane job and the supernatural community.

Maureen (Artificer)

Strong 1  Clever 3  Quick 1  Magic 3
Health: 3   Defense: 3  Magic Defense: 9  Movement: 10
Skills: Artificing 2, Business 1, Dodgy 1, Negotiation 2
Gifts: Cleverer, The Sight
Weaknesses: None
Gear: trendy glasses, hipster-chic clothes, handmade shoulder-bag full of simple artificing supplies and Sephora stuff, iPhone 6, bottle of "monster mace" made from silver nitrate and holy water.

Background: Maureen "Moe" Nading was born Cale Nading, the oldest son of a trucker and a medical transcriptionist in small-town Iowa. She moved to Des Moines during her transition to live with her aunt. It was there that she discovered her ability to see the true nature of reality. Her aunt, delighted that Maureen had discovered her natural talents, taught her the basics of creating simple charms and talismans. Moe had a talent for artificing far beyond anything her aunt had ever seen. She was apprenticed to Watts, a dwarf artificer living in the mountains of northern Montana. Life was difficult under his tutelage, and Moe was only too glad to finally strike out on her own. She's since taken up residence in San Francisco and has become a licensed artificer working mostly for the Shadow Council.

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