Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Free RPG Day

So I went to Free RPG Day this last weekend. My LGS sets a limit of three items with no repeats. I also popped in after lunch and I suspect much of the table was plundered. I was in a lazy kind of mood that day and didn't feel like driving to other stores. Here's what I picked up:

Gaming Paper: Seems pretty useful. I have an erasable battle mat for combat- when I feel like using it- but these seem kind of useful for when I don't want to draw out a detailed building. Of course, that limits me to the building configurations included in the sampler. Still, not a bad product.

Faith: A sci-fi rpg that has some kind of playing card-based resolution system. I don't know because they only kind of explain the rules. The tiny little pamphlet is mostly a graphic novel with some lore sidebars and a totally unnecessary comic strip of characters in the game universe playing the roleplaying game, including a subplot about an alien who is on his phone the entire time and not paying attention. Cute, but I'd have maybe preferred more information about the rules. The art is cool and the lore seems cool, but this isn't so much a free rpg or even a set of quickstart rules as it is a teaser trailer on paper. Oh, and the advertised "adventure seed" is this: you're smugglers and you get captured by the evil empire type guys. Ground breaking stuff.
This is a game I'd consider buying, but only as material for my preferred sci-fi rules chassis.

Slugs (with umlaut): So this is a bestiary for LotFP. It has thirty-two variations of giant slugs. So that's what that is. I predict that LotFP's Free RPG Day offerings will forever leave me pining for something the likes of Better Than Any Man. Oh, and only one slug has genitals for a face. This is less than I expected, but of course you have to have one, because apparently you can't be weird without genital monsters.  \m/
I'm also not a huge fan of the cover, which is not the imagine he used to promote the book...I thought that was going to be the cover.

Other stuff I took a look at and very nearly picked up:

*Mutant Crawl Classics- I no longer own Dungeon Crawl Classics (well, the rule book- I own lots of the adventures because I really like them), but if I did I would totally buy this game. As it stands, I will probably buy the adventures to use with Mutant Future. There was also a Lankhmar thing included, but I honestly don't give a flip about Lankhmar.

*The Dark Eye, 5th Edition- Like a no-good ex who you still contact every once in awhile, I picked up and leafed through the second attempt at bringing Das Schwarze Auge to the English-speaking world. I just... no. The artwork is amazing and lush, but I just don't like the mechanics. That whole three-rolls-to-use-a-skill with point pools to modify the dice if any of your three skill rolls fail is just... not for me.

Now, despite my bagging on it a little, Jim Raggi's little bestiary was probably the most useful item I picked up. Although I am stuck comparing everything released after Better Than Any Man unfavorably to that most excellent tome, I will concede that Raggi's produces Free RPG Day things that can be used, and have more utility than quick start rules or a one-shot adventure. He has a little rant in the beginning that calls out most Free RPG Day products being crippleware rules for a $50 core book (I'm paraphrasing since I don't have the thing handy).

And now, back to not working on things I'm supposed to be working on because I am tired and crabby like 85% of my waking hours and will likely be so until the end of next week. (After that, I'll go back to my normal tired-and-crabby percentage of 40%)

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  1. You're lucky you got some stuff; the one RPG-friendly game store in my city was not participating, and the owner didn't know what Free RPG Day was (although I don't blame him, since he's always busy dealing with MtG players). He did say he'll look into it for next year, though, so hopefully I can make my own post on the swag I got come this time in 2017.