Thursday, June 16, 2016

Getting Slugged This Saturday

Free RPG Day is this Saturday. I'm excited for Jim Raggi's advertised free 32 page bestiary.

I hope it hearkens back to the halcyon days of Free RPG Day products like Better Than Any Man.

I f'n love BTAM. It's one of the best gaming products on my shelf.

Although, unless I missed a crucial illustration in the ongoing implied story of the Flame Princess and her pals, she's looking awfully....intact... on the cover. LotFP fans will surely understand what I'm talking about. It's also quite likely that I have missed something, as I felt kind of soured on the whole line after Skull Cave of the Crystal-Headed Children.

But with a name like Slugs, with an umlaut, I feel like we're getting back to the kind of stuff I dig on.

My play is to drop by the local game store bright and early to snag a copy.

...funny, I can't even remember what I got for FRPG Day last year...must've been underwhelming.


  1. I'm hoping to swing by my local store(s) to see if they'll be participating. This will be the first year that I'll be able to participate to any meaningful degree, although Fathers Day will definitely be limiting my involvement.

    1. I stop by for the swag every year, though very often there ends up being only one thing I really like.

      My all time favorite Free RPG Day item, as I've probably mentioned, is Jim Raggi's Better Than Any Man. You can run a straight-up campaign off of it.