Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Royal Society Events

Updates from my original campaign setup, events both local and global.

Two months have passed, and it is now May of 1888.

*The National Geographic Society begins financing expeditions into mountainous regions of Alaska. In addition, the Society claims that member (and son-in-law of the principle founder) Alexander Graham Bell has developed a sonar device that will allow them to accurately map the ocean floor.

*Rudolph Carl von Steuben vows to destroy the legacy of Charles Babbage, vanishing from the public eye shortly thereafter. Henry Provost Babbage declines any official comment.

*Athens continues rapid modernization, baffling industrialists and economists around the world. Valerois Stais is appointed as a special advisor to the Prime Minster of Greece.

 *War continues in British West Africa. Despite efforts to downplay it, the British are being driven back by the mysterious warlord Makaia. Tabloids accuse the United States or Germany of supplying the African soldiers with modern weaponry.

*Two months ago, the Spring-Heeled Jack was revealed to be a gang of individuals who were being armed by Cedric Blackwell, a disgraced industrialist attempting to finance his illegal weapons manufacturing.

*The Labour Reform Party continues to clash regularly with police and private security forces across the industrial sectors of London. The LRP is torn between members who advocate for reform at any cost and those who urge members to seek nonviolent means of social change.

*The area of London known as "The Bleaks" becomes a hotbed of superstition as people report seeing a ghostly man with no skin lurking in the old factories. He is colloquially called "The Bone Man."

*In the United States, Nikola Tesla demonstrates wireless transmission of electric power at one of his laboratories in Manhattan. Thomas Edison publically denounces it as a "stage magician's parlor trick."


  1. This sounds awesome and I want to play in a game like this. :D

    1. I'd totally invite you if I didn't have six players already! I'm at my best when I have 3-5 PCs, so I'm already pushing myself a bit.

      I also need to make these events more relevant to the PCs. The only events they've interacted with directly are Spring-Heeled Jack and the Bone Man.