Thursday, July 28, 2016

Quickie: OneDice Shadowpunk

So this is pretty much Shadowrun. As I frequently state, I hate Shadowrun's rules. I love Shadowrun's setting. I hereby present OneDice Shadowpunk, an attempt at emulating Shadowrun using OneDice Cyberpunk and OneDice Fantasy. You need both books for this.

Character Creation

There are five attributes in ODSP: Strong, Clever, Quick, Cyber, and Magic. Strong, Clever, and Quick must have at least 1 point in them and have a maximum value of 3 (though these can be raised higher later on.) Cyber and Magic can start between 0 and 3, though a character must have at least 1 point in Cyber to neurally interface with the Net and 1 point in Magic to use spells.

1. Pick a race: human or one of the metahuman types. Note that these write-ups replace their counterparts from OneDice Fantasy. If the GM prefers to use those write-ups, feel free, though they will feel more typical and less Shadowrun.

Human: Distribute 7 attribute points however you wish. Humans also start each game session with 7 Stunt Points rather than 6.

Dwarf: Dwarves have +2 to any roll made to resist the effects of toxins, poisons, or diseases. Dwarves have +3 to Magic Defense, even if their Magic rating is 0.

Elf: Elves can have up to 4 points in Quick. They have +2 to any Negotiation or Persuade rolls due to their beguiling demeanor and the public perception that elves are glamorous.

Orc: Orcs add +3 to their final Health Point score after calculating it. (An orc with Strong 2 would have a base of 6 HP, +3, for a final total of 9.)

Troll: Trolls receive +1 to their Strong score, and are allowed to begin with Strong 4. Trolls have -2 to Negotiation and Persuade rolls because of their appearance, and they must pay double for any clothing or armor because it must be specially made for them.

2. Calculate Health Points, Movement, Defense, and Magical Defense as described in pretty much all of the OneDice books.

3. Distribute skills. This is done exactly as detailed in OneDice Cyberpunk.

4. Pick spells: Characters who have Magic ratings of 1 or higher must decide if they are Mages or Shamans. Characters who have a Magic rating of 0 skip this step.
Mages can pick spells from the Sorcerer and Wizard lists in OneDice Fantasy.
Shamans can pick spells from the Cleric and Druid lists.

5. Get some gear: Do this as per the OneDice Cyberpunk rules. Characters are considered "Outsiders" in the default Shadowrun mode of gameplay. The GM can double the starting funds of the characters if they want beginning characters to access cyberware.

Some rules considerations:
If you want to stick to the Shadowrun idea that cyberware reduces the Essence and magical potential of an individual, simply state that every 2 basic implants reduce a character's Magic score by 1, and every major implant reduces the Magic score by 1. A character who is reduced to 0 Magic can no longer cast spells.

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