Thursday, August 18, 2016

Gil the Healer

I returned to Steven's Thursday night game, which I have played in on and off since 2012. Right now we're playing RIFTS. I rolled up a Mystic, since our party is lacking in any magic and in most psi. We have a Cyber-Knight, a Wilderness Scout, a Rogue Scholar, and a Tattooed Warrior... all relatively low on the RIFTS totem pole.

Gil, my PC, is a refugee of the Coalition-Tolkeen War. He took to the roads after his village was destroyed in the crossfire of one of the battles. His sense of intuition carried him north, where he came upon a farm where the PCs are currently staying.

I spent most of the session making my character, as Palladium character creation is clunky. I did get to save an injured person from gangrene, which was kind of fun.

So far I'm playing Gil as a quiet, reserved thinking, very direct in speech to the point of being taciturn. He is so far unconcerned with money and offers his services in exchange for board.

This character is decidedly different from Big Billy Gruff and from my devious Warlock in my colleague's 5e game (which runs tomorrow.)

This RIFTS game is pretty rp heavy and there seems to be an impetus on exploring and problem solving rather than mini-nuclear wars with MD weapons. Very nice. It's good to be playing RIFTS again.


  1. @DMW:

    Lucky dog!

    That IS pretty low-powered for Rifts...hell, a vagabond might do okay with that group. Well, except for the tattooed man. Their tattoos make them MD creatures and they've got some serious power (if I'm remembering correctly).

    1. Well, everybody else is clad in MD armor, so him being an MD creature probably isn't so bad. As for power, that's probably good, because none of the rest of us really have any direct firepower. This is pretty much the opposite of the first RIFTS game I played in back in 2011, where ever combat was a miniature nuclear war.