Thursday, September 21, 2017

Weird Magic: Sorrows of the Sea

This spell uses the Weird Magic System described in Jim Raggi's Free RPG Day book. (I'm not squeamish, but I'm writing this at work during my lunch break so it needs to be Safe For Work.) This spell would be one of the kind that only women can cast.

If you don't use Raggi's magic system, this is a 1st level magic-user spell.

The depths of the ocean are black, not just because the light of the sun can't reach that far into the abyss, but because the ocean absorbs. Everything, tangible or not, that comes down from the surface becomes part of the ocean on a metaphysical level. One thing that the ocean absorbs in multitude is human sorrow. Every ship full of captives, every captain who cries out against fate as his ship sinks, every grieving lover who lets the tide claim them, all of their sorrows. It has been thus since the dawn of human civilization.

With this spell, the caster dredges up the sorrows contained in the depths and sends them roiling across the land as a misty miasma. The spell must be cast on the shore of an ocean, with the caster no farther than fifty yards from the water's edge, and the sky above must be dark. 1d6 turns after the spell is cast, a sickly gray mist rises up from the water and creeps up the shore, moving inland. The mist will expand until it covers an area of 100 miles for every experience level of the caster.

Any individual caught in the area of the mist is stricken with a profound, unshakable sadness. So heavy are their hearts that they can take virtually no action for 24 hours. They will see no value in life and will simply weep and pine. Subjects may weep and wail over their own sadnesses (new or old), some will lament over half-remembered events of others, psychic residue from the ocean's many tragedies. This spell has no effect on the caster. At the GM's discretion, individuals who have levels in a character class may make a saving throw vs. Magic in order to avoid the spell's effects. The spell has no effect on undead, elves, fey, or animals. The spell likewise does not function on any individual who does not possess a soul.

A Dispel Magic spell will clear away a circular area of mist with a 50' radius, centered on the caster. Individuals within the radius when the spell is cast will regain their normal emotions. The mist will no longer flow into the circle. Individuals who leave the circle are subject to the mist's effects again, and individuals who later walk into the circle are not cured.

Failure Table
1-  All of the sorrow dredged up by this spell is absorbed into the caster, who must immediately make a saving throw vs Magic. If she succeeds, she is simply catatonic with sorrow for 1d6 days, after which she permanently loses a point of Wisdom and is ever after plagued by dreams of ocean-related tragedies. If she fails the saving throw, she will simply walk out into the ocean and let the waves claim her. Even if restrained by friends, she will continue to try and drown herself at the first opportunity. 

2- The caster suffers the catalepsy described above, including the aftermath. It lasts for 2d6 days unless she makes a saving throw vs. Magic, in which case it lasts only 1d6 days.

3- The spell works normally, but 1d100% of those afflicted suffer the sadness permanently, requiring constant care so they do not waste away. 

4-  The spell dredges up the rage, not sorrow, of the ocean. The duration and details are all the same, except that the subjects are filled with uncontrollable anger. Expect mass riotings and pogroms. 

5-  The spell only affects animals, inflicting the catalepsy described under #2. Roughly half the animals in the area sicken and die afterwards, the rest making full recoveries and suffering no nightmares. 

6-  The spell works as normal, but the caster is not immune. (She is still entitled to a saving throw if the GM rules that individuals with a character class receive saving throws) 

7+ Use the standard failure table for the Weird Magic system. If you don't use it, roll 1d6 and use the results from the above table, or make up your own. 


  1. Wow! That is very cool. As soon as a costal adventure comes up I will use this.

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