Friday, February 23, 2018

AotS: Gallery of Badasses

So, All of Their Strengths is a pretty dope little game. Here are four utterly badass starting characters for it. You should check AotS out. (Disclaimer: I did not write it, nor do I have any skin in that game except as a fan.)

John Doe -  Half-Ghost, Half-Zombie- Double Dead
Built  3
Fast 2
Hot 0
Sharp 1
Scenes: Martial Arts 2, Parkour 1, Biochemistry 2
Strengths: Unkillable (Already Dead), Bond (Horde), Immune (Suffocation, exhaustion, disease, poison, hunger, thirst, age), Morph (Specter), Gift (levitation)
Discord: 2
Weaknesses: Allergy (salt, crossing salt lines, entering or exiting sigils, exorcism), Issue (Rotting)
Gear: Pneumatic punch glove serum injector, embalming serum hypo, thermal sunglasses
Look: John is pale and waxy, like a fresh corpse, with some sickening blue undertones. He has the zombie eyes: milky white surrounded by dark purple flesh. Sometimes he exudes glowing blue ectoplasm, usually when he’s experiencing strong emotions or he needs to look like a badass. He wears all black because of course he does, favoring long coats with hoods. He is never without his wraparound sunglasses, even indoors, even at night, especially indoors at night. He’s bald, but in sort of a Vin Diesel badass way.
Origin: John worked for the Tyrell Corporation, doing research on a new strain of the Z-Virus. During his experiments, he discovered a new type of protein blocker that could potentially vaccinate an individual against the virus. For reasons unknown, Tyrell cut the funding to his project. Out of desperation, he injected himself with the blockers and with the Z-Virus. He did not turn.
While unaware that John had experimented on himself, Tyrell Corporation decided that John knew too much to be left alive. They sabotaged his vehicle, causing him to die in a fiery wreck. Realizing the sabotage moments before being crushed by twisted metal, John’s mind filled with the desire for revenge… enough so that his soul couldn’t rest. He became a ghost… but his body also became a zombie, as his formula only delayed the change in an infected subject until death. John somehow possessed and fused with his zombified body. Now he’s back, and he’s double dead, and Tyrell is going down.
No, John Doe isn’t his real name. You don’t need a name when you’re double dead.

Scarlett – Half-Demon, Half-vampire – a suckubus ?
Built 1
Fast 1
Hot 3
Sharp 0
Scenes: Clubbing 2, Motorcycles 1, Knives 1
Strengths: Gift (Hellfire- Infernal), Power (Punisher), Unkillable (unless horns severed), Immune (fire heat, suffocation, disease, poison, thirst, hunger, age) Gift (Retractable Horns), Gift (Teleportation- Warping, Indirect), Charm (Universal Language), Power (Blood), Gift (Fangs, draining), Charm (Superhuman Hearing, Infravision)
Discord: 3
Weaknesses: Allergy-Peril (Holy Symbols, Holy Places, Holy Water, Holy Weapons), Lose Control-Drain (Blood thirst), Allergy- Drain (Holy Places, Holy Symbols)
Gear: Badass motorcycle, sword-proof trench-coat, pair of silver daggers
Look:.Scarlett looks pretty much like a normal vampire, until she sprouts her horns. The horns themselves are blood red and distinctly reminiscent of fangs. Her wardrobe consists of crimson and black and involves a lot of leather, PVC, and unnecessary buckles. She’s presently rocking the side shave, jet black with a single red stripe. She likes mirrored sunglasses to hide her vampire eyes when she has to.
Origin: Scarlett was already a half-human, half-demon, created by the unholy union of a succubus and a stock broker (two utterly soulless creatures) Scarlett ran away from home and became a stripper. Unfortunately, her club happened to be a freaky vampire feeding spot, like in that one Quentin Tarantino movie*. She ended up being turned into a vampire, only her demon blood got into a fight with her vampire blood and what came out of it was…. well, whatever Scarlett is.

*I know, it’s a Robert Rodriguez movie, but a lot of people don’t seem to know that.

Abbi- Half-witch, half-mummy, dermatologist’s nightmare
Built: 0
Fast: 0
Hot: 0
Sharp: 5
Scenes: Occult Knowledge 2, Herbalism 2, History 1
Strengths: Power (Ritualist),  Bond (Familiar, cat) *
Discord: 2
Weaknesses: Peril (Fire), Issue/Peril (Guardians of the Afterlife)
Gear: tablet loaded with scans of occult ritual books, herbal concoction utility belt, protective scarab amulet
Look: Abbi is definitely not sexy. She’s kind of green and her skin is shrunken, making her look gaunt and perpetually nauseous. Also, she has no eyes. She usually wears sunglasses. She’s considering having some creepy-ass glass eyes made. In terms of wardrobe, she’s your classic goth, but incorporates Egyptian motifs into her jewelry and garments. She also kind of smells like embalming fluid and grave flowers- but that’s actually because she buys a perfume that smells that way. She was totally bummed that it wasn’t part of the mummification process.
Origin: Abbi was a nerdy goth chick who was into magic, history, and magical history. Also, some band called Clan of Xymox. Unfortunately, her dealings on various occult forums caught the eye of a witch and a mummy, both of whom wanted to recruit her. The witch got to her first, and started the initiation process. As it was close to complete, she was abducted by the mummy, who mummified her… only the witch initiation process led to some unexpected results. The witch showed up to rescue Abbi, and she and the mummy pretty much destroyed each other, leaving a confused, kind of dead, very magical Abbi to go out on her own.

*Having a cat as a familiar is sometimes a problem for Abbi, who has to defer to any cat she has angered and becomes imminently killable due to her Guardians of the Afterlife Weakness.

Karl - Half-Werewolf, Half-Frankenstein. Wolfenstein.

Built: 3
Fast: 1
Hot: 1
Sharp: 0
Scenes: Wrestling 1, Stunt Racing 1, Motorcycles 1, Hunting 1, Extreeeeeeeeeme Athletics 1
Strengths: Power (Morph, Direform), Power (Moonchild), Unkillable (beheading), Immune (exhaustion, heat, cold, disease, poison, age), Gift (Claws/slashing, teeth/rending), Charm (Wolf-Like Senses), Power (Unkillable- modular organs), Charm (Modular physiology) , Charm (Large Frame, Muscular Build),
Discord: 2
Weaknesses: Issue (Visible Stitching), Issue (Lose Control- Fire)
Gear: silver brass knuckles, miraculously durable jeans, totally jacked muscle car with flame decals
Look: In human form, Karl is a huge, hulking monster of a man, with a  semi-flat head (shaved around the sides with long hair on top, worn in a ponytail.) He has visible stitching all over his body, though he usually hangs out in dark arenas and bars where people just assume they are tattoos- or are jut afraid to ask. He likes to wear lots of muscle shirts. He only wears one pair of jeans, which somehow seem to survive his transformations. In wolf form, Karl looks like… well, a stitched-together werewolf with mottled fur of different colors.
Origin: A Frankenstein called Dr. Terwing had an idea: if you stitch together a bunch of dead werewolves, could you create a Frankenstein/Werewolf? Turns out you can. Also turns out that when you stitch together a Frankenstein made out of werewolves who were also various sorts of adrenaline junkies, the resultant Hybrid goes apeshit and destroys your entire lab. And you. And your notes. The good Doctor is gone, and his notes lost, perhaps forever, but Karl (he picked his own name) lives, and the entire Frankenstein community would like to erase this embarrassing abomination.

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