Sunday, March 25, 2018

KantCon Docket 2018

Bitches, I'm back.

(Well, I will be back. To KantCon. In July.)

My finalized schedule:

Friday Morning- Starships & Spacemen 2nd Edition, "Beacon"

Every year I run S&S, using the same ship and crew, and very often the same players (or some of them at least) sign up. I've had the same two dudes playing the Captain and First Office for years now. Last year I couldn't go, and it sucked. This year I'm running the game with the premise that the usual ship, the Armiger, disappeared a year ago while investigating a space anomaly called the Labyrinth, which itself disappeared as if never there.

Now, one year later, the Labyrinth has reappeared. The experimental science vessel Beacon is within reach, and the Captain of the Beacon is an old flame of the Armiger's Captain. She defies orders to avoid the Labyrinth and takes her ship in...

Depending on how things play out, next year I'll be back to running the Armiger and crew, or the Beacon and crew will be the new characters... or maybe a mix.

Friday Evening- Lamentations of the Flame Princess, "A Stranger Storm"

I'm running the introductory scenario out of the old LotFP Referee's Handbook. (The PDF version of the "grindhouse" edition.) It's a pretty dope scenario. Six travelers are forced off the road by a freak storm that renders the road impossible to traverse and camping a miserable prospect. Luckily, they are right by a quaint roadside inn. What could possibly go wrong?

Saturday Morning- Stars Without Number Revised Edition- "The Tartarus Gambit"

This is a free, system-neutral scenario that was apparently written by forum and placed on DriveThru for free download. I have no memory of downloading it...I found it while cleaning up my PDF library...pretty apropos, actually. I'm going to use this as my first crack at running SWN2. I haven't run SWN since before I entered grad school, and my love of the game burns with an intense, fiery passion.

Anyway, in this scenario, the PCs are a grou p of ne'er-do-wells who have the coordinates to a prison transport full of high value prisoners and high value tech...and it missed its scheduled meet with the next prison transport. People are after this ship. A lot of people. Can the PCs get in, grab what they want, and get out before anyone else finds the Tartarus?

Saturday Evening- All of Their Strengths, "The Dark Grand Conjoining"

AoTS is a delightful, if tongue-in-cheek, game about supernatural hybrids who fight against the supernatural status quo. The game is supposed to be high octane, over the top, stylized-to-the-point-of-fetish action in the vein (ha) of Blade and Underworld and that kind of thing.

This is another scenario of my own device. Rumors and rumbles in the Shadow War indicate some kind of unholy alliance between the Vampire High Council and the Hellfire Club. Normally demons and vampires aren't the best of friends, but the signs are there. Whatever these two factions are planning together, it can't be good.

Unfortunately for them, the hybrids are in town. They're here to kick ass and wear sunglasses.

Sunday I might host a board game like HeroQuest or maybe Space Alert. I can't imagine running five games... four was plenty last time. Who knows, though. I'm masochistic sometimes.

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