Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Odds and Ends

Various gaming and gaming-related goings-on in my current existence:

*Christian over at The Tolling of the Great Black Bell has started up his 'zine again. It might be the only thing I get in the mail that I actually enjoy opening. Who doesn't want a 'zine with drooling mutants amidst the endless credit card offers and mail from the AARP. (Which I totally don't understand, because I'm only 36)

*Event registration for KantCon opened up yesterday. My Stars Without Number game is already half full, and I've got two signed up for Starships & Spacemen, including a player who has been in several of the sessions over the last couple of years. I have no doubt that I will fill my tables; I do every year. 

*In addition to John's D&D 2018 game and my friend's Savage Worlds take on Dark*Matter, I'm going to have the chance to play in a colleague's Zweihander game. I'm pretty hype. The only reason I can even consider embarking on this much gaming is because I'm only seven and a half weeks away from the end of the school year.

*I've started watching "Paranormal Survivor" on Netflix. I don't actually believe in ghosts (or anything supernatural for that matter), but the stories are cool and kind of make me want to do a retread of Orpheus. (White Wolf's take on ghostbusters, released back in like 2003 I think) Of course, I have a pretty low tolerance for the WoD system anymore, so it'd have to be a different rule set.

*I succumbed to nostalgia and bought the rest of the Palladium Robotech books, since they lost the license and the books are now officially out of print. I managed to snag them just before scalpers started posting them used on various online retail sites with jacked up prices. Am I likely to ever run Robotech? Probs not. However, I'm a nostalgia whore and pine for the days of my idyllic childhood in the 1980's, so there you go.


  1. You ARE a nostalgic whore, man. Of course, I am, too (just picked up a copy of Rifts Canada for who-knows-what reason).

    I actually ended up getting Robotech and the Zentradi sourcebook within the last 12 months because of my children's interest (we streamed the entire series on Netflix); you're definitely not the only weirdo out there.
    ; )

    1. I'm still a weirdo, because I like the Robotech Masters/Southern Cross part of the show better than the Macross Saga. (I just lost pretty much all street cred I have left.)

  2. What is it about mech games and products going out of print, anyway? I've been itching to grab the BattleTech starter kit for a couple of years, but it always sells out almost immediately on the rare occasions when the company can put out a new print run.

    Also, out of curiosity: what broke your tolerance for the World of Darkness system? If it's the crunch, I'd suggest just using the old Introductory Kits, as I'm currently doing with classic Vampire.

    1. Regarding mecha rpgs: I have no idea, considering that I've not seen them really *work* as rpgs. (That's another post for another time.)

      My fatigue with old World of Darkness is mainly chucking around huge fistfuls of d10s and then bean counting your successes, which isn't all that awful in and of itself until you get to combat. I swing, you defend, I roll damage, you roll soak...up to four rolls to resolve a single exchange. Then you have Celerity and we get to do this little dance two or three times before it's your turn. The 1's cancel successes thing, in my experience, made having higher skill levels not really all that useful.

      Chronicles of Darkness had me raising my eyebrows at the whole Tilts/Conditions thing, and giving serious side-eye at the social manipulation rules with Doors and all that... and it came to a screeching halt when I got to the spirit manifestation/possession flow chart.

      As for the starter kits... I think I've just got WoD fatigue. It's got a lot of baggage.

      This reminds me that I need to finish my saved post on why I really, really wanted to love Beast: the Primordial and how it just sputtered out for me conceptually.

      Sooo....know of any vampirey werewolfy modern games that aren't WoD?

    2. Weren't you writing your own a while back?

      Since you're slumming with Paladium anyway, how about picking up a copy of Beyond the Supernatural? I got a 1E PDF off DriveThru pretty cheaply.
      ; )

    3. Yeah, but I just can't seem to make it come together. I've tried several different rule sets as a chassis.

      ...and for the record, I own hard copies of both editions of BTS.