Sunday, July 15, 2018

Dispatches From KantCon

I've run my five games this weekend. They all went swimmingly and the players heaped praise 'pon me. I gamed with some utterly delightful and clever players. I had a few people who were in more than one game of mine, but nobody was in more than two of my games. Lots of variation in terms of age and gender. 

My KantCon takes this year: 

*I think my best session was Lamentations of the Flame Princess. I seemed to mentally gel most with the scenario, and the players were super into it. I even got one of them curious in checking the game out, and another warm to the idea of old-style D&D rule systems. 

*I don't think I had a weak session this year, but I would say my weakest was probably Stars Without Number, the newly revised edition. I didn't have as good of a handle on the revised rules as I thought, and some of the changes and terminology threw me a little. What probably also didn't help was the module I was using being system neutral and containing no stats of any kind. I always second guess myself with that kind of thing. I also let the action get bogged down in a couple of parts and I regret that. The players still liked and and they were super thrilled with the way the scenario turned out. Like I said, I don't think it was a weak session, just the weakest. 

*Savage RIFTS is so much better to run than standard Palladium RIFTS it isn't even funny. You still get the general feel of RIFTS, but goddamn is it a smoother ride, and it just works better. Case in point: a Glitterboy and a Wildernes Scout in the same party, and yet both of them were able to contribute meaningfully. The characters seem a little bit more on par with one another in combat than the eye-popping disparity that exists in the original rules. 

*All of Their Strengths is fucking fun and I adore it. I had pregens but the players really wanted to make their own crazy-ass Hybrids. I think the half-werewolf/half-reaper was a fantastic character. He drove around in a souped-up super-car called the Pale Rider. Fuck. 

*Captain Valdez ended up sacrificing himself, along with the new Captain, in my Starships & Spacemen game... looks like I need to level up the First Officer for next year's continuation. 

*Less excited about the vendors this year. I didn't really find any special treasures or weird and rare "gotta have it" books. That's... actually probably for the better. 

Tomorrow I'm waitlisted for a game of Dread (the Jenga game, not the splatterpunk Raphael Chandler game) and I've got a spot in a Savage Worlds sci-fi game of some sort. I'm really pretty tired, but I at least want to go to the con for a little bit. The Savage Worlds game has a waitlist behind me, so if I end up heading home or just lounging around, I won't be leaving the dude short of players. 

I love KantCon. I'm sad it's almost over... I'm already starting to think about what I want to run at next year's convention. 


  1. I've been meaning to grab Savage Worlds for the exact reason you describe, only I'd be using it to run the setting from Underground instead of RIFTS. Glad to hear you've had a great time so far!

    1. While not my favorite system of all time, Savage Worlds is pretty solid and you can do a lot with it.