Thursday, August 2, 2018

Who You Gonna Call?

The podcast game I've been playing in has been on hold as the GM recovers from (minor) surgery. 

Tonight we busted out West End Games' Ghostbusters International RPG, with newer cards and dice made by... someone else, I forget. 

I made a girl ghostbuster,  because fuck your childhood. 

The rules are simple and the cards/dice, while not part of the original package, are neat. I think the GM might have given us too many Talent points, because everything our characters were good at was waaaaaay too easy. 

The scenario was fun. The GM was tired and didn't think it went very well, but I thought he was maybe too hard on himself. 

Next week we get back into Beyond the Supernatural. I'm looking forward to seeing what our original GM has cooked up during his convalescence. 


  1. "I made a girl ghostbuster, because fuck your childhood."

    Yup. And apparently a lot of people's childhood didn't include the cartoons, which were otherwise successful enough to result in an action figure of Janine in full GB equipment.

    Getting back to the game, though, I enjoyed the one session of the original (pre-International) version that I got to run. Were the cards you used actual printed ones, aftermarket? Because that would make either version of the game go a lot smoother than hand-writing them out on mini index cards.

    1. They were aftermarket, but produced professionally by... someone? I'll have to ask the GM.

      And yeah, I also remember at least one episode where Janine suits up.

      The character sheets were still index-card sized... smaller, I think. (I also think they were the original character sheets, as opposed to the cards and dice.)