Monday, October 8, 2018

MotW Season 1, Monsterhearts 2, the Empty Game Table in My Basement

So after six sessions and the utterly serendipitous convergence of a number of elements in the game, we decided to call "Season 1" of Monster of the Week wrapped. While I get ready to run Season 2, we're trying out Monsterhearts 2.

MH2 is very, very different from anything I've run thus far. I'm not sure it's going to be an ideal fit for the group. Still going to give it a shot.

For funsies, we decided that the high school that MH2 takes place in is in the neighboring town mentioned in the background of Monster of the Week. We've kicked around having an NPC in the game who is a shell-shocked transfer student from Harrison (that's the MotW town.)

In the meantime, I've been reading Urban Shadows, because apparently my jam is 100% urban fantasy/horror using the Apocalypse Engine rules these days.

I do year for a game of B/X or Stars Without Number, but that's not going to happen around here. My town is all 5e/Pathfinder all the time. As it is, I drive 50 miles to play MotW and MH2 with this group. Said group does play a lot of Pathfinder themselves, though, so it's fun to see them try games that are radically different. (I ran All of Their Strengths for them back during the summer.)

I like B/X, but I guess aside from that I've kind of cashed in my OSR membership card.


  1. @DMW: From what I've read around the internet, you're not the only one that's cashed in your card.

    1. 1. Holy fuck, you're alive

      2. Sounds spicy... say to the DM the knowledge of the broil as thou didst leave it.

  2. I feel similarly about the OSR in my circumstances, to be honest. If a game is rules-light and tonally perfect, but no one's around to play it, is it really such a big deal?