Sunday, December 2, 2018

Monster of the Week Season 2

We're back into Monster of the Week. It took us a bit to hit the stride of the game, plus we had a new player whose character we had to plug into the setting.

We ended the session with the PCs entering the bowels of a pharmaceutical lab overrun by a giant telepathic parasitic plant and its various people-absorbing minions. Good times.

The inclusion of this character also expands the lore: in addition to a Shadow World, there is a Bright World, but it's not a blissful heaven full of benevolent angels. Really, it's just Bad Guys Team A vs. Bad Guys Team B. Our resident Bright Worlder is a little more merciful than his brethren, and has been ousted for his troubles.

We have some PvP brewing, as the Spooky plans to open a gate to the Shadow World, which is probably going to land her square in the sights of the rest of the party. This player likes making antagonists, but she provides interesting antagonism that supplies good rp.

We have one character moving over from Monsterhearts 2 to Monster of the Week. The conversion was a lot more seamless than I could've imagined.

I'm not saying that all my gaming is pretty much PbtA now, but I'm not saying it isn't.

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