Monday, February 18, 2019

Fuck the Community

So there was the Zak thing. I long ago wrote him off as an insufferable asshole with his head up his own ass, but I guess the scope of that goes far beyond my limited interactions with him.

For the record, I believe his survivors.

I took a few days off from most blogs, except perhaps my favorite one. Head in the sand, boys. Tarps on. I'm only a consumer and a lurker in this community, and beyond voicing my support, I don't have much else I can contribute. My Twitter feed has become an anxiety-inducing wreck of other people's pain and rage and sorrow. I have the luxury of indulging my cowardice and tuning it out. I bought a PDF that one of the ladies published as a milquetoast act of contrition.

So this morning, I pop onto said Favorite of Blogs, and a discussion about character class devolves into a comment pile on where people are calling each other abuse and accusing JB of being passive-aggressive, and I just...

Fuck off. Fuck you all.

I've long lived with the notion that "everyone is cooler from a distance," a pithy little aphorism that I coined when I was a smug, drug-addled undergrad.

Social media has shown mean that people in general are more unlikable than I could ever have imagined in my most cynical younger days.

I'm out for now. It's no loss to anyone, and no loss to me.

I'm sure I'll be back when my stomach settles, so to speak.

Comments off because at present time I no longer care what anyone on the internet thinks.