Thursday, May 30, 2019

Only Tangentially Related to Gaming

I fucking love the BBC Adventures of Merlin show.
I know it takes massive, massive liberties with the Arthurian mythos.
I know it presents a totally unrealistic portrait of medieval/feudal life.
I know that the characters spend 90% of the episodes making the same mistakes over and over.

...but goddamn, it's just a fun, usually light-hearted show.

...and Arthur x Merlin is a solid 'ship, bro.


  1. Is that one still going on? I admit I've only watched a single episode (don't even remember if it was the first one or not) and was non-impressed. Perhaps I need to give it a go? There've been more than a couple awesome BBC shows over the years...

    1. Naw, it had five seasons and ended quite a few years ago.

      I'll admit it's pretty simplistic and a very, very sterilized version of the story, but Camelot 90210 is still highly endearing to me.

    2. Also the opening theme fuckin' *slaps*

  2. Love the scenes where merlin becomes a crazy old man

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