Sunday, June 30, 2019


Slightly less than three weeks until KantCon.

My Starships & Spacemen has 5/6 spots filled, 3 of them with people who've played in my S&S game every year or just about every year since I started it. I'd started to think this was the last year I was going to run it, but I"m reconsidering now.

My Zweihander game is full with one person on a wait list.

My Cartoon Action Hour game is full.

My Lone Wolf Adventure Game is empty, and I'm starting to think I am literally the only human being on Earth with any interest in playing it.

Nobody signed up for Chrononauts.

My DUNGEON! game is full up. (I'm running the early 80's printing)

I've got some players signed up for Munchkin Shakespeare Deluxe.

Soooo aside from some unwanted free time Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning, it looks to be a full weekend.

It's crunch time... I need to finish learning some rules and writing up the scenarios. I can't flippin' wait.


  1. Munchkin Shakespeare? One of these years, I'm gonna have to find my way over to KantCon to get in on some of this madness.