Thursday, July 4, 2019

KantCon Formula

I've developed a "KantCon Routine" that I stick to every year. This year things are slightly different, but overall my flow is the same.

Friday morning:  I run Starships & Spacemen 2nd edition, with the same ship/crew. I have several return players who come back every year.

Friday afternoon: I used to run some module for Lamentations, but I've washed my hands of that game. This year, and in subsequent years, I'll be replacing it with Zweihander. (This year will be a scenario of my own devising, as opposed to running a module)

Saturday morning and afternoon: I run two games that I never get to run at home. (Although these games that describes every-fucking-thing that isn't 5E*) Usually scenarios of my own devising, this time my Saturday is 50% my own creation and 50% a module. I typically never run a game on this day that I've run at KantCon before.

Sunday: I host board/card games, often sans vocal chords.

KantCon is in just two weeks! Hot damn!

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