Monday, August 19, 2019

Nuke-Con 2019

Getting my docket for Nuke-Con nailed down. Presently:


1. Stars Without Number- Though I need to pin down if I'm doing OG or Revised. I might do The Tartarus Gambit again, but I kind of want to generate a random thing using Sixteen Stars.

2. Zweihander- Need to decide if I want to do the same scenario I did at KantCon or write up something new.

1. Cartoon Action Hour- I'm going to run the unused material I wrote for KantCon. If time allows, 'reruns' of the stuff I did at KC.

2. Savage Worlds- Some kind of sci-fi pulp, methinks.

3. Open spot- perhaps repeating the Zweihander game?

Board games. (Hero Quest, Mutant Chronicles, Space Alert)

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