Thursday, August 1, 2019


Nuke-Con is a local gamin convention that I always say I'm going to and then just don't.

This year, however, I'm actually going to do the thing.

Between my KantCon games being such a fucking blast and my home group having been on break all summer, it's time to get my GM on.

Right now, I'm thinking my lineup needs to include:

*Cartoon Action Hour, because that shit was ay-may-zing

*Savage Worlds of some stripe, because I've been feeling the urge to run it lately and it is so, so, so easy to prep for. I'm probably going to grab the new edition when it hits shelves.

*Zweihander, because Zweihander is dope and I need more of it in my life.

*Probably some 90's board games of the nerdish variety: Hero Quest, Mutant Chronicles.

If I run 12 hours of games, my badge is 100% reimbursed. Probably the closest thing I could get to a professional DM.

I could probably think up one more rpg to run, maybe something I don't get much of a chance to do normally.


  1. I would hope that an event called “Nuke-Con” would feature at least *some* post-Apoc gaming: Gamma World, Mutant Future, Aftermath, Morrow Project...something!

    Come on, man.

    1. I don't make the rules, yo.

      Though maybe I could do some MuFu. I haven't run that in quite a few years.

  2. How did they manage to call it NukeCon and not have Gabriel Damon passing out ampoules of amphetamines to the attendees? /s

    This is yet another reminder that I need to go ahead and grab that Savage Worlds paperback. Maybe I can finagle an early birthday present out of one of my family members...

    1. Well, it's held at the Mid-America Center, located in Council Bluff, Iowa. The residents of CB probably already have their own amphetamines in plentiful supply

  3. Hey hey! Good to hear you're going to be running at Nuke-Con. Just a slight correction - Nuke-Con is at the Ramada on 72nd Street. It's been dog's years since it's been at the MAC in Council Bluffs. Look me up or I'll look you up. I'm running WFRP, Cyberpunk 2020 and Call of Cthulhu this year.