Sunday, August 18, 2019

The Fell Hand of JB in the Wild

I was perusing the shelves of my local gaming store yesterday when I chanced upon a copy of JB's B/X Companion on the shelves. (In fact, it looked like someone had dumped an entire OSR collection) I almost snagged it, but I think if I'm ever going to purchase the Companion, I'm going to buy it directly from the author. Sadly, there is no B/X on my horizon for the time being. (Insert sad Hulk hitchhiking music)


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    1. My home group is sadly not into it at all, and I'm not very keen on playing via Discord or similar online venues.

  2. Ha. I saw a copy of my Five Ancient Kingdoms at a dealer’s booth this weekend (DragonCon) and someone DID buy it Saturday. Always nice to see one’s work in circulation.
    : )

    1. 5AK I do have on PDF. I recall getting it as part of a bundle of some kind, but my memory is hazy. I also have the Compleat B/X Adventurer on PDF.

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    1. No, I mean that copy at the Lair. I literally bought -that one- at a game shop in Hipsterville. :รพ

    2. Oh, was that all your OSR stuff?!

    3. Aye.

      Only kept my nicest Rules Cyclopedia, Creature Catalog, 1070 Black Box, my vintage White Box & supplements, WotC reprint White Box & supplements, Holmes Basic set, Arduin Grimoire, and the Beyond the Wall trilogy. That's my whole RPG shelf now.

      Oh, and Mutant Future, because I gotta play some Mutant Future sometime.

    4. Nooice.

      I think I told you this, but I had an AD&D1 game that ended up transporting to a Mutant Future world and we ended up just kind of mashing the two systems together. I'd totally do MuFu again.

      My shelf is not as sprawling and unwieldy as it used to be, but I still own faaaaaaaar too many games.