Thursday, December 26, 2019

My Gaming in 2019: The Obligatory Retrospective

Last year, I set some goals for 2019. Let's see how I did.

-Knock out two more seasons each of Monster of the Week and Monsterhearts 2.

I knocked out one season of Monster of the Week.  I knocked out one season of MH and should have knocked out another, but the group fucking cancels and goes on hiatus so much that we've played eight times since fucking August. Goal failed.

-Try Urban Shadows or Masks. Leaning toward Masks because 80% of my gaming in 2018 was urban fantasy/horror

Goal failed. I didn't so much as crack open either of these games because of how long my other two have dragged out. 

-Find a totally different goddamn group to play old D&D with

Utterly and totally failed. I can't so much find a single gamer in this town who doesn't wan to play Pathfinder or 5e. Well, except for John, and he's a forever DM. I don't really want to play in a non-DM capacity anymore, so that makes the issue a non-starter.

-Go to KantCon again (Still salty about the one I missed)

I went to KantCon and three out of my four games were fucking magical. It was easily the best KantCon I've been to, and the best convention one shot I've ever run in the form of Cartoon Action Hour. 

So, one goal out of four achieved. I will tout the bonus victory, however, of getting my girlfriend to enjoy an OSR game. (Starships & Spacemen at KantCon) Given her "old D&D sucks" stance, it was a pretty significant turnaround.

I do enjoy the MotW/MH shared universe game I've created, but it's 95% of what I've run since August 2018 and I want to wrap the present season so I can do something else for awhile.

2019 was also the year I was invited by like four different groups to DM 5e, and I either turned them down outright or just blew them off...I regret that last part, but just... fuck. I'd rather run just about anything else, and it's absolutely maddening to be unable to fill a table for old school D&D but to be tripping over 5e groups. Something something ancient mariner.

So, my goals for 2020:

-Go to KantCon, although at this point that's sort of become a given, not really much of a goal.
-Run something that isn't PbtA for a significant length of time. (As in, other than convention one shots.)
-Find and additional convention to go to. (Not Nuke-Con)
-Kidnap several people and chain them up in my basement, forcing them to play B/X D&D in exchange for food.  Continue to seek out new gamers with differing interests than my home group.

Happy end of the year to you, you fuckin' nerds.

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  1. Back at you, bro.
    ; )

    Is there a particular reason your SO thinks “old D&D sucks?” Did she have a bad experience or is there a particular system she dislikes or feels it lacks (compared to “new D&D”)? Just curious.

    1. No feats, no skills, and there aren't like 30 fucking character classes. That's why old D&D sucks, according to her.

    2. You could always run 2nd edition, if that's the issue. Simple core, bloated character options - it's the best of both worlds.

      But, dude, if you run B/X some time, I'm down. I no longer work a soul-grinding job in addition to going to school; now school IS my soul-grinding job. So I have a wee bit more wiggle room in the ol' schedule these days.

    3. Now that you have posted this, I have it in writing so now you have to play.

  2. Hmm...well, I suppose if you need feats, skills, and two dozen plus character classes to play D&D effectively then, yes, older editions are lacking.

    Huh. Thanks.

  3. Run 5e, but with old school house-rules. Take my own O5R hack, for instance... Crimson Dragon Slayer D20. It's how I can fill virtual tables, giving players what they want (only 4 classes, though) without bending over backwards to fulfill their every whim.

    1. See, that's the thing... if I was invited to a game and the game was houseruled/hacked into essentially another game, I'd be more than a little annoyed and probably wouldn't show up for a second session. I guess it would depend on how "played" I felt.

      Anyway the group that still wants me to run might not work out schedule-wise, so it could well be a moot point.