Friday, January 31, 2020

And Now For Something Completely Different

I am putting away a game that I've been running off and on since 2018. Not forever, just need a palette cleanse, as it were. I'm all urban fantasy/horror'd out.

I am replacing this cryogenically frozen game with Troika! (Numinous Edition)

From reading the book, particularly the beginning adventure, and from perusing the community on the internet, I have determined that I am not British enough to run Troika! as it was envisioned. The game as presented and the game as I will run it are likely to be two very different animals. I had even briefly considered just doing Advanced Fighting Fantasy, buuuuuuut I think this group will buy in more if the venue is bizarre space fantasy rather than pretty bog standard elves and wizards and shit.

I mean, there will definitely be wizards. Definitely. I can't guarantee elves, though, and I kind of like the idea that 1.) they all perished in some kind of elfpocalypse, or 2.) despite widespread lore describing them, nobody in the million spheres has ever seen an elf, nor can anyone produce any conclusive evidence that they ever existed. Still, everyone knows someone who has a friend who once went on an adventure with an elf.

My significant other is quite leery about rolling up a random background, as she comes from the customization-crazy world of Pathfinder. I have made a compromise: she rolls the dice, and then can choose to reverse the numbers if she pleases and take the other background instead.

I haven't decided if I'm going to use the adventure included in the book as a campaign starter or not.

 I think the aesthetic I'm going for is "Spelljammer, but after having eaten rather a lot of hallucinatory mushrooms."


  1. "Spelljammer, but after having eaten rather a lot of hallucinatory mushrooms."

    I thought that was regular Spelljammer!