Saturday, January 4, 2020

MeWe? More like EnnWe

hahahaha get it haha

A couple of weeks ago I signed up for a MeWe account, hoping to perhaps find some of the gamer folk I followed on G+, perhaps find some local gamers, etc.

I have joined some communities of various games I'm interested in, but none of them are really very active.

I did a search for my city name and all I came up with were three different gun fap- ah, excuse me, gun enthusiast groups. Searching my state added another gun group, some guy advertising that he's in a sexless marriage, and maybe some white supremacists. How depressing, albeit unsurprising.

Expanding to other nearby areas netted me an anti-vaccination group. What a fucking wasteland. 

I found a couple of people from the blogosphere, including some whose blogs have gone dark... but their MeWe is about as equally inactive. 

All in all, my initial impression is... that this isn't something I'm going to invest any time or energy in.

In the meantime, I'm still working through my newly purchased stuff and will get some more constructive thoughts posted at a later time.


  1. HUH? MeWe is very much alive with the OSR crowd. Some I just met but overall very active.

  2. I laughed when I read the title of this game post. Personally, I haven’t found MeWe to be nearly as active and brimming with energy as G+...and I was never all that impressed with G+!

  3. "I laughed when I read the title of this game post"

    My work here is done.