Sunday, February 23, 2020

A Bit of Hard Reflection

Man, D&D be tedious sometimes... or perhaps I've simply lost my touch.

The session completely stalled out after the PCs decided to climb down a well (after the ranger and barbarian noticed  and examined explicit signs that a big fucking snake probably lived in the well) and the barbarian got bitten and poisoned and fell off the rope. With a third of the party on the rope, they couldn't effectively fight. They managed to scare off the snakes and barely save the barbarian from drowning/bleeding out. Since nobody in the party has any healing spells or potions  (and they missed the potion in one room because they aren't very careful searchers), they had to retreat and drag their party member back to town. They got laughed at by some townfolk. They then spent an inordinate amount of time doing whatever they possibly could to avoid paying a few silver for a room. We called it there.

I'm sure there' s a lesson about caution in exploration and the learning curve of new players, but for the most part I was just kind of... meh. Maybe next session will be better. Maybe I actually just don't like D&D very much anymore.


  1. I found my game a lot less tedious after the switch from 5E to Classic. When players expect to make die rolls to use their skills, stuff that could easily be narrated takes more time as the players strategize to improve the odds of their rolls.

    Even in Classic, though, things like the trying to save money through role play will take up a lot of game time for very little payoff. It shouldn't happen all the time though. If it does, then maybe D&D isn't the right game for that group. :)

  2. You gotta enjoy the players being idiots. That is D&D.

    And don't begrudge them their newb mistakes. They only get to learn once.