Thursday, April 23, 2020

Troikin' On

I ran Troika again tonight. I find that I often employ Advanced Fighting Fantasy 2nd edition to fill in some of the blanks. (Other blanks I just fill in myself, because let's face it- this system is absolute bare bones.) Sometimes I need a more traditional monster, or I need a cost for some item not found in Troika. The dungeons all come out of the One Page Dungeon Contest's 2019 collection, and so far I have found a dungeon for every occasion.

I put a lot of love and work into my NPC voices, especially since two players are legally blind and we're all playing over Discord due to the pandemic. Tonight I got some post-game praise for my "totally fed up yet very polite middle aged Irish lady innkeeper" voice. (What a title!)

I marvel in this group's ability to unknowingly and blithely wander past almost every single scrap of treasure in this game- a shit situation balanced by their propensity for dodging the worst bullets their circumstances have to offer. Tonight, one player managed to get one of two benign encounters on an encounter table that is almost entirely cockatrices.

We did broker the idea of switching from alternating weeks to every week. The game I was alternating with Troika died off (and probably not even because of the pandemic, let's be real) and we all find ourselves with a dearth of free time on our hands. I might also start up a second game just for variety. I suppose I could do both...

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