Monday, May 25, 2020

Heroes & Other Worlds- Thoughts and Mods

Heroes & Other Worlds is a pretty dope little retro clone of The Fantasy Trip. 
I've been dinkering around with it. 


-Not actually a big fan of the experience system, especially the detailed version. Too much bean counting, and I don't like experience point systems that are based on how well the player rolls dice within the game session. 

-The starting money is reaalllly low. That's probably a design choice, but the PCs are going to star out with shitty equipment. 

-I would like to convert the spells from GURPS Magic. I'm not sure what the rationale behind what spells are at what IQ levels in TFT/HOW, so it's probably just going to have to be arbitrary on my part. (Maybe I can use the number of prerequisite spells as a guidepost) 

-Hear me out: Allow HOW characters to take up to 20 points of GURPS Disadvantages (maybe from a very short/limited list) and allow them to use the points to 1.) buy advantages (again, from a very limited list) 2.) buy extra attribute points at the rate of 10 disadvantage points for 1 extra attribute point, or 3.) Do the same for skills and spells at the rate of 1 skill/spell point for every 5 disadvantage points. No quirks. 

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