Sunday, May 31, 2020

The Titanic Adventure

I was pretty sour on one of the scenarios in GURPS Time Travel Adventures, but there's another module in that book that's actually pretty dope. 

The rundown: It's Time Corps again. Your team is going back to the Titanic. You have a list of passengers whose lives benefit your present timeline. Some of them survived and you just need to make sure that happens again. Some of them died and you need to make sure they get int the flippin' lifeboats this time. You also have a list of people whose existence benefits the other timeline. The ones that died need to do a repeat performance. The ones who lived need to get murked. 

Of course, there's another team from the other timeline doing the exact same thing. They're trying to murk your passengers and save their own. You don't know who they are, they don't know who you are. 

This adventure is set up as a massive time table of passengers and where they are every hour if not interrupted. The players have absolute free reign to move around the boat, investigate whoever, follow whoever, plan assassinations, etc. They can strike early and try to keep it super discrete, or they can attack once the ship hits the fan. (Haaaa gods I'm so fuckin' funny) 

The GM is given plenty of info for contingencies and schedule disruption of the NPCs and the evil time agents.  

This is pretty much a total 180 from the other scenario in the book. Yeah, you don't get to go on a scenic tour de time, but you can also approach the situation at hand with plenty of agency, and there aren't NPCs to literally solve your problems for you if you can't get he job done. The scenario even entertains the idea that the PCs might even come up with an idea to save the ship. This kind of intervention is what gets you automatically teleported back to the present and handed a GAME OVER in the other scenario. Sure, your superiors back in hometime will be pissed that you made such a big change, but you don't automatically lose because you fucked up the story. 

A couple spoilers below: 

There's a werewolf on board. The PCs are unaware. The other team is unaware. The GM was probably unaware, because the writeup for this setting in the main Time Travel book doesn't indicate that the supernatural exists in this world, beyond some time-related psi abilities. The werewolf is actually bad for both timelines. 

There are "time looters" from a third present continuum that is never before mentioned and left with very few details. They are after an artifact/antique item that's on board. 

I'm totally down with the Titanic adventure. It also predates That One Movie by like seven or eight years. The only fault I can really give it is that there are a lot of moving parts between the agents, the timetable of where all the NPCs are, the timetable regarding the ship hitting the 'berg and sinking, and the X factor shit listed above. A GM would need to study the module and get very familiar with the big picture before running it. 

I suppose even the 90's can knock out a decent module or two, even if finding them can be an arduous process. 


  1. So no Napoleon this time? Sounds like a pretty good adventure. Is there a module - a time travel one - that begins on an airplane in a lightning storm? I know that's vague as heck, but it rings a bell. I'm pretty sure it's another adventure we ruined.

    1. If such a module exists, it's not in the GURPS TIme Travel Adventures book...that has the Napoleon one, the Titanic one, and an alternate magic Earth one that starts out on the ground in Albuquerque.

  2. I thought this was a really great post so I added it to my BEST READS OF THE WEEK series! You can check it out here if you would like!