Monday, July 20, 2020

Mapping Woes II: This Time It's Personal

You can make cool hex world maps with Wizardawn.

Is there any way to label these maps that isn't a goddamn fucking laptop throwing pain in the fucking ass?

Asking for a friend.

-Importing it into Hexographer. You have to reduce the opacity to 0 to see your map over the map Hexographer puts on top of it. This causes the labels you add with Hexographer to lose opacity and become invisible.

-Converting it to a PDF and add comments as labels, but these aren't immediately visible and look awful.

-Converting it to a PNG and using the free version of GIMP, but none of the labels I create in GIMP are clearly readable against the Wizardawn color scheme.

-Opening it in Open Office Draw, which has clear labels and I even installed the Souvenir font from the old D&D books, but for some reason about half the time I try to create a text box, it just decides to drag the map around with the cursor instead.

I'm about ready to throw my computer out the goddamn fucking window.

So, any map mavens reading this, y'all got any suggestions?

Seriously, I just want to take a map I made and put some fucking labels on it.


  1. Don't add labels. Print the map as an image. Update the labels using microsoft publisher or adobe.

    1. Thank you. I did end up labeling this using Open Office Draw, but I'll give this a shot for the eastern half of the realm when the players migrate in that direction.

  2. Rather than GIMP, try opening the png version in It's a free web-based clone of older Photoshop. Layers, fonts local on your PC, etc. I've had good luck using that as opposed to GIMP.

    1. Duly noted. I had a pal recommend GIMP.